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Last Updated: Monday, 3 December 2007, 06:04 GMT
School work priority for children
Boys studying
School work is important and dominates family conversations
Children think their education is more important than getting on with their family, according to research.

A survey carried out by CBBC's Newsround programme found that children rate doing well at school higher than getting on with their relatives.

The survey also found that 13% of children never have a meal together with their family.

And that more than half of children would like to spend more time with their parents.

The survey asked a range of questions to 1,000 children aged between six and 12.

When asked to choose from a list of options what was most important to them, 31% said "doing well at school" while 28% said "getting on well with family".

These came above good friends (19%) , good at sport (10%), money in pocket (7%) and coolest clothes and gadgets (4%).

When broken down by gender, 36% of girls chose doing well at school compared to 25% of boys; 31% of girls chose family, compared to 25% of boys; 22% of girls chose good friends, compared to 17% of boys; 5% of girls chose money in pocket, compared to 9% of boys.

When asked who they most admire, 25% of boys chose a footballer, while 29% of girls said it was their mother.

The survey of 507 boys and 493 girls, across all social classes, in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, revealed that half think they are British and half are patriotic saying they are English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish.

Healthy eating

Newsround editor Sinead Rocks said: "Our research has given us a fascinating insight into the lives of children in the UK in 2007.

"In many ways it contradicts popular thought on what life is like for them and at the same time it throws up interesting questions about the relationships they have with their friends, family and other adults.

"As the UK's only news programme for children, Newsround prides itself on giving young people the chance to have their say on the issues that matter to them and we hope to be able to track the results of this survey over time."

Other key findings from the survey:

- School work dominates family conversations (52%)

- Two-thirds of children pray but half of these pray only at school

- 42% have changed what they eat because of the news about healthy living

- One in four children do not count their father as immediate family

- Children spend an average of 3.5 hours a day with their parents

- Thirteen per cent of children said they never eat together as a family

- Children want parents to stop shouting, nagging and arguing, and trust them more (39%)

- More than half (56%) would like to spend more time doing things with their parents

- Most bullying happens at school - one in three have been bullied at school, one in five elsewhere

- In a crisis, 76% would turn first to their mother for help, 11% would choose their father and 2% would go to a teacher

- Just one in five think school class sizes are too big or school buildings are in poor condition - but many (46%) would like to do more PE

- In careers, boys still dream of being sportsmen (footballer - 26%), girls want to teach (12%), become a hairdresser (11%) or nurse (10%)

- The real world still beats online, children would rather play outside and talk to friends face to face

- Enjoyment of school drops with age, 82% of 6-8year-olds; 72% of 9-10 year-olds and 67% of 11-12's enjoy school.

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