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Concern over 'student call girls'
Man giving prostitute money
Student leaders have dismissed the story
Cambridge dons have expressed concern over a report that some students are working as prostitutes.

Cambridge University's student newspaper Varsity quotes a female student who says she earned money as a call girl in her first year.

Mark Fletcher, head of the Cambridge University Students' Union, said the article dealt with "isolated cases".

Senior tutors said they were concerned to read the report, which also claims that students sold essays.

Varsity said it had spoken to one student who said she spent her first year working as a 50-an-hour call girl to fund an extravagant lifestyle.

Mark Fletcher, of the students' union, said he was not aware of any students working as prostitutes.

"What it seems to be talking about is very isolated cases," he said.

"I was slightly surprised to read about this.

"Varsity seems to have put together a few stories they have heard in the past."

The magazine also said a "plethora" of undergraduates was raising money by selling essays.

Financial difficulties

Rob Wallach, secretary of the university's senior tutors' committee, said he was "very concerned" by the prostitution claims.

He added: "Senior tutors would want to do everything they could to give support to students well before any found themselves in such a situation."

And Dr Wallach said the university "strongly discouraged" students from selling essays.

Mr Fletcher said Cambridge students had plenty of support available if they got into financial difficulties.

Last year, research by Kingston University in south-west London suggested there had been a growth in the numbers of students earning money through prostitution or in other parts of the sex industry.

Varsity said there was no need for any Cambridge student to turn to prostitution

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