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Funding plans for flooded schools
Floods in Leeds
Last month's floods have left 101 schools facing major repairs
Funds to repair schools damaged in the first wave of summer floods are being allocated - with 3.2m going to Hull and 1.5m to the East Riding.

The government is giving the first details of how it is distributing 10m for schools damaged by the June floods in the north of England and midlands.

The scale of damage is still emerging, with 101 schools needing "significant repairs".

This total does not include any damage to schools in the most recent floods.

The government says it is still "far too early" to assess the extent of flood damage to schools in the west and south of England.


But the flooding in areas such as Gloucestershire and Worcestershire will mean adding to the total of damaged schools - and will mean further problems for a major clean-up operation in the five weeks before the schools re-open.

Gordon Brown in flooded school
Gordon Brown visited a flood-damaged school in Hull

And it is likely to mean supplementing an "initial" 4m announced earlier this week in emergency funding for schools affected in the current floods.

"My priority is ensuring that every child and young person can be back in school in September despite the flood damage so that no one sees their education suffer," says the Schools Secretary, Ed Balls.

"I want to get every school and children's service, now in temporary premises, back into permanent premises as soon as possible. We will support flood-affected areas now and over the long-term."

This week, the Department for Schools, Children and Families revealed the damage caused by last month's floods - warning that there were 24 schools which are "unusable".

Pupils at these schools could be using temporary accommodation when they return in the autumn.

Updated figures show that 341 flood-damaged schools have been repaired. But there are a further 101 schools which still require "significant" repair - but which expect to be ready for September.

From the 10m funding for schools affected by the June floods, 9m will be divided between 26 local authorities - with Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire getting the largest amounts, with Nottinghamshire receiving 859,000, Rotherham 829,000 and Doncaster 614,000.

There will be 1m spent on professional services such as paying for extra surveyors.

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