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Third of students to live at home
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Rising fees for student see more opt for a university close to home
Almost a third of youngsters starting at university this autumn intend to stay in their family home to avoid getting into debt, a survey suggests.

Of the 1,000 students surveyed, 31% said if they did not live with their parents, it would be too expensive for them to take up a place at university.

Those who intend to live away from home said making the money stretch and managing finances was a concern.

Students have to pay 3,000 a year on tuition fees.

The survey of students, carried out by Lloyds TSB, found more than a quarter (26%) were worried about managing their money whilst at university and 28% were concerned about how to make their money last the full term.


Over a quarter (29%) said that they could not stay at home as the university they had chosen was too far away.

The main reason students gave for leaving home was to be close to the university campus, cited by 75% and to gain independence, mentioned by 69%.

Three fifths (59%) were attracted by the social aspects of living away from home and nearly a quarter (23%) admitted they wanted to escape their parents' control.

However, the government says statistics from the university admissions service, Ucas, show students are not put off going to university.

Ucas figures show that, by the end of March 2007 there had been 5.2% more applicants across the UK compared with March 2006, at 446,765.

Ministers say a range of grants and bursaries help students to cover the extra fees and living costs.

Unlike previous tuition fees, students no longer have to pay "up front" - instead fees are covered by a loan, repayable by graduates once their annual income passes 15,000.

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