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Store unveils 10 school uniform
Children in Asda school uniforms
Asda's new range of school clothes go on sale on 4 June
A complete school uniform for less than 10 has been unveiled by the supermarket chain Asda, which it claims is the cheapest in Britain.

The store says the price of a polo shirt, vest, sweatshirt, underpants, socks, trousers or skirt and shoes for 3-6 year olds will be 9.96.

Asda insists the George-branded clothes have been ethically sourced, and its suppliers will be regularly audited.

The UK school uniform market is reported to be worth 1bn a year.

For older children, Asda says it will sell a combined uniform priced at 12.96 for six to 10-year-olds, while for 10 to12-year-olds, the cost will be 13.96.

George Global's managing director Angela Spindler said: "As we sell more school uniforms than any one else in Britain, we want to put more money back into our customer's pockets and that's exactly what we have done giving customers change from a tenner."

'Ethically sourced'

Increased competition for school clothing follows a warning from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) in February against exclusive deals with with specialist shops.

The DfES said schools which unfairly profited from such agreements could face an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

According to a survey by the OFT, parents were overcharged for uniforms by 45m a year.

The report also found bills were one-and-a-half times higher when clothes were sold by exclusive outlets, compared with supermarkets.

Asda has pledged that the cost of its uniforms has not come at the expense of ethics.

The chain says it has "long-term relationships" with its suppliers and all are regularly audited to ensure they meet its own criteria, and those laid down by the Ethical Trading Initiative's code of conduct.

Following the Asda announcement, Woolworth's also unveiled its own-brand school uniform range for the coming year.

It will sell trousers or skirts for 2 each, shirts and blouses for 1, jumpers and cardigans for 2 and shoes for 8.

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