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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2007, 12:04 GMT
First aid resource for UK schools
first aid
The British Red Cross wants youngsters to learn first aid skills
The British Red Cross has produced a first aid education kit for schools, in an attempt to encourage teenagers to learn about life-saving techniques.

The education kit for secondaries is aimed at 11 to 14 year olds and covers topics such as the recovery position and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

The resource has been devised to help teachers who have little or no knowledge of first aid themselves.

A free kit will be sent to 500 schools across the UK, otherwise it costs 120.

The education package includes an interactive CD ROM with step-by-step guidance and video clips of all the key techniques.

It has also been designed to minimize the amount of lesson planning for teachers, who can rely on the pre-prepared lesson material.

Posters, bandages and a mannequin are included for practical activities.

Responding to an accident

Head of first aid at the British Red Cross Joe Mulligan said: "The basics can be easily taught and don't take young people long to learn.

"That's why we've produced a resource that is so flexible and includes step-by-step guidance for those without any knowledge of the subject.

"Our aim is to get the learning out there and equip children with the skills and knowledge to respond to an accident.

"On average three million people attend A&E with injuries that could have been helped with first aid.

"We know simple skills such as knowing how to open an airway or control a bleed can be vital after an accident or injury."


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