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Schools that add the least value
This page lists schools in England with the bottom 5% "contextual value added" scores from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.

The measure compares pupils' exam results with those of other similar pupils nationally who had similar prior attainment.

It is based around 1000. The bottom 5% in 2006 had a score of 972.83 and below. They are shown in reverse order.

The ranking needs treating with care: small differences may not be significant.

We have included information on the type of schools and a column showing their GCSE-level results (EM).

Smaller schools, with fewer than 30 students taking the exams, are not ranked.

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Name, area Type EM CVA
Eastbourne Comprehensive School, Darlington CY COMP M 15% 919.2
Birkdale High School, Kirklees CY COMP M 13% 934
St George RC School, Westminster VA COMP M 27% 934.5
New College Leicester, Leicester, City of CY COMP M 15% 941.6
Washwood Heath Technology College, Birmingham CY T COMP M 23% 943.7
Featherstone Technology College, Wakefield CY T COMP M 34% 948.9
The Warren Comprehensive School, Barking and Dagenham CY COMP M 33% 949
Oldborough Manor Community School, Kent FD MOD M 3% 951.5
Quarrendon School, Buckinghamshire CY MOD M 13% 951.9
The Morton School, Cumbria CY COMP M 17% 952.4
Cockshut Hill Technology College, Birmingham CY T COMP M 26% 952.4
South Leeds High School, Leeds CY COMP M 11% 954.4
Brownhills Community Technology College, Walsall CY T COMP M 28% 954.7
Freebrough Specialist Engineering College, Redcar and Cleveland CY E COMP M 18% 955.4
Newton-le-Willows Community High School, St Helens CY COMP M 19% 955.9
Kings Grove School, Cheshire CY COMP M 11% 957.1
Brierton Community School (A Specialist Sports College), Hartlepool CY S COMP M 22% 957.1
Thornaby Community School, Stockton-on-Tees CY COMP M 12% 957.2
Intake High School Arts College, Leeds CY A COMP M 19% 957.6
Wyke Manor School, Bradford CY COMP M 17% 957.8
North Cumbria Technology College, Cumbria FD T COMP M 28% 957.8
Harlington Community School, Hillingdon FD COMP M 27% 958.1
Winifred Holtby School Technology College, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY T COMP M 21% 958.4
Portway Community School, Bristol, City of CY COMP M 17% 958.5
Brookway High School and Sports College, Manchester CY S COMP M 10% 958.6
Sawyers Hall College of Science and Technology, Essex FD T COMP M 21% 958.9
St Peter's High School, Essex CY COMP M 21% 959.3
Bishopsford Community School, Merton CY A COMP M 25% 959.4
The Rushden Community College Specialising in Mathematics and Computing, Northamptonshire CY M COMP M 33% 959.4
Park Hall School, Solihull CY COMP M 20% 959.5
South Luton High School, Luton CY COMP M 18% 959.8
Sherwood Hall School and Sixth Form College, Nottinghamshire CY COMP M 24% 959.9
Newman Catholic School, Cumbria VA COMP M 27% 960.1
The Ramsey School, Essex CY S COMP M 27% 960.5
Perry Beeches School, Birmingham CY T COMP M 20% 960.7
Fullhurst Community College, Leicester, City of CY COMP M 20% 961
Moorside High School, Salford CY COMP M 41% 961.1
Abraham Darby Specialist School for Performing Arts, Telford and Wrekin FD A COMP M 20% 961.6
Elgar Technology College, Worcestershire CY T COMP M 13% 961.8
Pendeford Business and Enterprise College, Wolverhampton CY B COMP M 18% 962.3
St Peters College, Essex VA A COMP M 21% 962.4
Henry Mellish Comprehensive School, Nottingham, City of CY S COMP M 19% 962.7
City of Leeds School, Leeds CY COMP M 15% 962.8
Maltby Comprehensive School, Rotherham CY COMP M 30% 962.9
Millfield Science and Performing Arts College, Lancashire CY Sc,A COMP M 28% 963
Minster College, Kent FD COMP M 20% 963.2
Thorncliffe School - A Specialist Sports College, Cumbria CY S COMP M 38% 963.3
Oak Farm Community School, Hampshire CY COMP M 6% 963.4
David Lister School, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY COMP M 18% 963.4
St Damian's RC Science College, Tameside VA Sc COMP M 32% 963.5
Churchmead Church of England (VA) School, Windsor and Maidenhead VA COMP M 33% 963.6
The Holy Family Catholic School, Bradford VA L COMP M 41% 963.7
Rising Brook High Specialist Sports College, Staffordshire FD S MOD M 12% 963.8
St Augustine of Canterbury RC High School, Oldham VA H COMP M 36% 964.2
Headlands, Swindon CY COMP M 18% 964.3
Thrybergh Comprehensive School, Rotherham CY COMP M 12% 964.4
Wyvern College, Wiltshire VA T MOD B 30% 964.4
Jubilee High School, Surrey FD COMP M 14% 964.6
Grey Court School, Richmond-upon-Thames CY Sc,M COMP M 48% 964.6
Meopham School, Kent FD S MOD M 29% 964.8
Bellemoor School, Southampton CY COMP B 31% 964.8
Francis Bacon School, Hertfordshire FD M COMP M 31% 965
Coulsdon High School, Croydon FD T COMP M 30% 965.3
Risedale Sports and Community College, North Yorkshire CY S COMP M 16% 965.5
Retford Oaks High School, Nottinghamshire CY COMP M 20% 965.7
Branksome School, Darlington CY COMP M 38% 965.8
Brockworth Enterprise School, Gloucestershire CY B COMP M 19% 966
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College, Halton VA S COMP M 31% 966
Wexham School, Slough CY S MOD M 26% 966.2
The Northfields Technology College, Bedfordshire CY T COMP M 17% 966.4
Abbotsfield School, Hillingdon FD COMP B 21% 966.4
Endeavour High School, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY COMP M 9% 966.6
de Stafford School, Surrey FD COMP M 36% 966.6
King Harold School, Essex FD COMP M 18% 966.7
Newfield Secondary School, Sheffield CY COMP M 27% 966.7
Edlington School, Doncaster CY B COMP M 30% 967
Walton-le-Dale Arts College & High School, Lancashire CY A COMP M 17% 967.3
The Archbishop Grimshaw Catholic School, Solihull VA A COMP M 24% 967.3
Westlands School and Technology College, Torbay FD T COMP M 28% 967.3
Valley Comprehensive School, Nottinghamshire CY T COMP M 31% 967.3
Sprowston Community High School, Norfolk CY A COMP M 37% 967.5
Buile Hill High School, Salford CY COMP M 13% 967.6
The Lindsey School and Community Arts College, North East Lincolnshire CY A COMP M 27% 967.6
Batley Girls' High School, Kirklees CY A COMP G 28% 967.7
St Peter's Catholic College Of Maths And Computing, Redcar and Cleveland VA M COMP M 33% 967.7
Batley Business and Enterprise College, Kirklees CY B COMP B 29% 967.8
St Paul's Catholic College, Surrey VA T COMP M 34% 968
The Ash Technology College, Surrey CY T COMP M 34% 968
Chafford Hundred Campus - Secondary School, Thurrock FD B COMP M 16% 968.1
Magnus CofE School, Nottinghamshire FD A COMP M 24% 968.3
Weavers School, Northamptonshire FD T COMP M 12% 968.7
Christ The King Catholic Maths and Computing College, Lancashire VA M COMP M 26% 968.8
Newbold Community School, Derbyshire CY COMP M 34% 968.9
The Newlands Catholic School FCJ, Middlesbrough VA COMP M 39% 968.9
The College High School, Birmingham CY A COMP M 19% 969.3
Deincourt Community School, Derbyshire CY COMP M 31% 969.3
Ash Green School, Warwickshire FD COMP M 25% 969.4
St Aidan's County High School Specialist Sports College, Cumbria FD S COMP M 31% 969.4
Colbayns High School, Essex FD A COMP M 18% 969.6
Speedwell Technology College, Bristol, City of CY T COMP M 12% 969.7
Fairham Community College, Nottingham, City of CY COMP M 17% 969.7
Boldon School, South Tyneside CY COMP M 34% 969.8
Carshalton Boys Sports College, Sutton CY S COMP B 14% 969.9
Christ's College, Guilford, Surrey VA COMP M 17% 969.9
Roseberry Sports and Community College, Durham CY S COMP M 28% 969.9
Prospect College, Reading FD COMP M 24% 970
Mangotsfield School, South Gloucestershire CY E,Sc COMP M 40% 970
Sydney Smith School, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY COMP M 25% 970.1
Allerton Grange School, Leeds CY COMP M 41% 970.1
Sneyd Community School, Walsall CY M COMP M 20% 970.2
Holmer Green Senior School, Buckinghamshire CY B MOD M 27% 970.3
Wayland Community High School, Norfolk CY T COMP M 46% 970.4
Parkfield High School, Wolverhampton CY COMP M 13% 970.5
New Heys Comprehensive School, Liverpool CY B COMP M 23% 970.6
The Bishop of Winchester Comprehensive School, Bournemouth VA COMP M 18% 970.7
Carr Manor High School, Leeds CY COMP M 24% 970.7
Coombe Boys' School, Kingston-upon-Thames FD MOD B 31% 970.7
Riverside Community College, Leicester, City of CY B COMP M 23% 970.8
Bridgemary Community Sports College, Hampshire CY S COMP M 24% 970.8
Brislington Enterprise College, Bristol, City of CY B COMP M 24% 970.9
Clough Hall Technology School, Staffordshire CY T COMP M 33% 970.9
George Stephenson Community High School, North Tyneside CY H COMP M 35% 970.9
Ullswater Community College, Cumbria FD B COMP M 40% 971
Shene School, Richmond-upon-Thames CY L COMP M 34% 971.1
Trentham High School, Stoke-on-Trent CY COMP M 34% 971.1
Testwood Sports College, Hampshire FD S COMP M 39% 971.1
Archway School, Gloucestershire CY T COMP M 40% 971.1
The Streetly School, Walsall FD S COMP M 44% 971.1
Counthill School, Oldham CY COMP M 16% 971.3
Methwold High School, Norfolk CY COMP M 34% 971.3
Corby Community College, Northamptonshire CY COMP M 7% 971.4
All Saints Catholic College Specialist in Humanities, Kirklees VA H COMP M 36% 971.5
The Grove School, Nottinghamshire CY Sc COMP M 38% 971.6
Burnham Upper School, Buckinghamshire CY S MOD M 24% 971.7
Ainsdale Hope Church of England High School, Sefton VA COMP M 31% 971.7
Myers Grove School, Sheffield CY COMP M 32% 971.7
Wadham School, Somerset VC B COMP M 38% 971.8
John Cleveland College, Leicestershire VC Sc COMP M 54% 971.8
Winton School, Hampshire CY T COMP M 28% 971.9
Sir Christopher Hatton School, Northamptonshire FD M COMP M 54% 971.9
The Heathcote School and Specialist Engineering College, Hertfordshire CY E COMP M 36% 972
Boundstone Community College, West Sussex CY A COMP M 22% 972.1
Lealands High School, Luton CY S COMP M 38% 972.3
Aylesford School - Sports College, Kent FD S MOD M 23% 972.4
The Warwick School, Surrey CY T COMP M 35% 972.4
George Eliot Community School, Warwickshire CY B COMP M 38% 972.4
Lakers School, Gloucestershire FD COMP M 27% 972.5
Alderman Smith School, Warwickshire CY S COMP M 28% 972.5
The Astor of Hever Community School, Kent CY S MOD M 29% 972.7
Ralph Thoresby High School Community Arts College, Leeds CY A COMP M 48% 972.8

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