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The worst GCSE-level results
This page shows the 118 schools in England in which 15% of pupils or less achieved the Level 2 threshold - equivalent to five GCSEs at grade C or above - including English and maths GCSEs.

They are shown in reverse order, with the lowest-scoring at the top.

The CVA column shows the schools' contextual value added scores - the new progress measure.

The letters after each school's name show what type it is, any specialism, its admissions policy and whether it has a Boys, Girls or Mixed intake.

Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils eligible to take the exams are not included.

Click the name of a school for a page detailing its performance.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

Name, area Type EM CVA
Temple School, Medway Towns CY MOD B 2% 984.6
Oldborough Manor Community School, Kent FD MOD M 3% 951.5
St Luke's CofE VA Secondary School, Portsmouth VA COMP M 3% 977.4
The Ridings School, Calderdale CY COMP M 4% 973.2
The River Leen School, Nottingham, City of CY COMP M 4% 983.2
The Lafford High School, Billinghay, Lincolnshire CY MOD M 4% 1006.6
The Marlowe Academy, Kent AC COMP M 5% 1030.1
Skerton Community High School, Lancashire CY COMP M 5% 1023.8
Oak Farm Community School, Hampshire CY COMP M 6% 963.4
Sir Henry Cooper School, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY COMP M 6% 999.9
Parkside Community College, Plymouth, City of CY T,B COMP M 6% 1032.4
Corby Community College, Northamptonshire CY COMP M 7% 971.4
Montgomery School, Kent FD MOD M 7% 993.5
Kings Norton High School, Birmingham CY COMP M 7% 988.1
Kingswood High School, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY A COMP M 7% 1025.7
The Castle Hills Community Arts College, Lincolnshire FD A MOD M 8% 1017.6
New Brompton College, Medway Towns FD A MOD M 9% 986.4
Endeavour High School, Kingston-upon-Hull, City of CY COMP M 9% 966.6
Pennywell School, Sunderland CY COMP M 9% 1006.6
Joseph Ruston Technology College, Lincolnshire FD T COMP M 9% 1009.5
Hereward Community College, Peterborough CY COMP M 9% 1002.9
Brookway High School and Sports College, Manchester CY S COMP M 10% 958.6
Leon School and Sports College, Milton Keynes CY S COMP M 10% 1010.5
City of Preston High School, Lancashire CY COMP M 10% 1000.9
St James School, Devon CY M COMP M 10% 989.7
Bishop Wulstan Catholic School, Warwickshire VA B MOD M 10% 981.8
Tunbridge Wells High School, Kent CY COMP M 10% 1030.2
Hadden Park High School, Nottingham, City of CY COMP M 11% 978.7
South Leeds High School, Leeds CY COMP M 11% 954.4
The Mablethorpe Tennyson High School, Lincolnshire CY MOD M 11% 979.6
Sir Frank Markham Community School, Milton Keynes CY COMP M 11% 978.1
Blacon High School, A Specialist Sports College, Cheshire CY S COMP M 11% 1008.6
Kings Grove School, Cheshire CY COMP M 11% 957.1
Hengrove Community Arts College, Bristol, City of CY A COMP M 11% 1001.6
Bemrose Community School, Derby, City of CY COMP M 11% 991.9
Kings High School, Bournemouth CY A MOD M 11% 992
Lilian Baylis Technology School, Lambeth CY T COMP M 11% 1026.2
Hartcliffe Engineering Community College, Bristol, City of CY E COMP M 11% 981
Edward Sheerien School, Barnsley CY COMP M 11% 1025.1
Carter Community School, Poole CY S MOD M 12% 979.8
Rising Brook High Specialist Sports College, Staffordshire FD S MOD M 12% 963.8
Shorefields School, Liverpool CY T COMP M 12% 990
Park Lane High, Calderdale CY COMP M 12% 1007.9
Cheltenham Kingsmead, Gloucestershire FD COMP M 12% 1045.2
Thornaby Community School, Stockton-on-Tees CY COMP M 12% 957.2
Salisbury School, Enfield CY COMP M 12% 979.3
Weavers School, Northamptonshire FD T COMP M 12% 968.7
Speedwell Technology College, Bristol, City of CY T COMP M 12% 969.7
da Vinci Community College, Derby, City of CY COMP M 12% 999.5
West Gate Community College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne CY COMP M 12% 991.8
Thrybergh Comprehensive School, Rotherham CY COMP M 12% 964.4
Sunnydale Community College for Maths and Computing, Durham CY M COMP M 12% 985
The Queen Elizabeth's (1561) Endowed School, Nottinghamshire VA COMP M 12% 1001.7
Belle Vue Boys' School, Bradford CY COMP B 12% 1002.5
Birkdale High School, Kirklees CY COMP M 13% 934
Buile Hill High School, Salford CY COMP M 13% 967.6
Elgar Technology College, Worcestershire CY T COMP M 13% 961.8
Quarrendon School, Buckinghamshire CY MOD M 13% 951.9
Millbrook Community School, Southampton CY COMP M 13% 988.8
Barstable School, Essex FD COMP M 13% 994.1
St Clements College, Lincolnshire CY COMP M 13% 1003.6
Parkfield High School, Wolverhampton CY COMP M 13% 970.5
Halyard High School, Luton CY COMP M 13% 977.6
The John Loughborough School, Haringey VA COMP M 13% 994.8
Frank F Harrison Engineering College, Walsall CY E COMP M 13% 1017.6
Lostock College, Trafford CY A MOD M 13% 990.5
Frankley Community High School, Birmingham CY COMP M 13% 1044.1
Medway Community College, Medway Towns CY MOD M 14% 979.9
Parklands High School, Manchester CY COMP M 14% 993.7
Unity City Academy, Middlesbrough AC COMP M 14% 983
Parklands High School, Liverpool CY COMP M 14% 1012.8
Hinde House 3-16 School, Sheffield CY E COMP M 14% 989.3
Carshalton Boys Sports College, Sutton CY S COMP B 14% 969.9
Jubilee High School, Surrey FD COMP M 14% 964.6
All Saints College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne VC B COMP M 14% 1002.4
Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy, Lewisham AC COMP M 14% 1012.1
Earlham High School, Norfolk CY S COMP M 14% 985.5
The Queen's School, Cambridgeshire FD COMP M 14% 983.4
Alderman Blaxill School, Essex FD COMP M 14% 990.8
Broadoak School, Trafford CY MOD M 14% 1009.5
Staunton Community Sports College, Hampshire CY S COMP M 14% 1006.4
Withins School, Bolton CY COMP M 14% 1015.9
Heywood Community School, Gloucestershire FD S COMP M 14% 985.2
Babington Community Technology College, Leicester, City of CY T COMP M 14% 995
Four Dwellings High School, Birmingham CY Sc COMP M 14% 1015.1
Mitchell High School, Stoke-on-Trent CY COMP M 14% 1030.2
Pool Hayes Community School, Walsall CY A COMP M 14% 999
Cedar Mount High School, Manchester CY COMP M 14% 1015.1
Eastbourne Comprehensive School, Darlington CY COMP M 15% 919.2
City of Leeds School, Leeds CY COMP M 15% 962.8
New College Leicester, Leicester, City of CY COMP M 15% 941.6
The Alfred Barrow School, Cumbria CY COMP M 15% 987.7
Chaucer School, Sheffield CY B COMP M 15% 991
Bushey Hall School, Hertfordshire FD COMP M 15% 977.4
St Alban's CofE School, Birmingham VA COMP M 15% 1023.8
Berry Hill High School and Sports College, Stoke-on-Trent CY S COMP M 15% 974.2
Cheshire Oaks High School, Cheshire CY S COMP M 15% 994.6
Parkwood High School, Sheffield CY COMP M 15% 999.2
Holywells High School, Suffolk CY COMP M 15% 993.7
Castle Manor Business and Enterprise College, Suffolk CY B COMP M 15% 988
Swan Valley Community School, Kent CY S MOD M 15% 986.7
Firth Park Community Arts College, Sheffield CY A COMP M 15% 1009.4
Croxteth Community Comprehensive School, Liverpool CY COMP M 15% 1016.2
Elliott Durham School, Nottingham, City of CY COMP M 15% 1014.7
Pensnett School of Technology, Dudley CY COMP M 15% 1006.2
Moseley School A Language College, Birmingham CY L COMP M 15% 980.8
Belle Vue Girls' School, Bradford CY L COMP G 15% 1014.3
Hylton Red House School, Sunderland CY COMP M 15% 978.6
The Brays Grove Community School, Essex CY A COMP M 15% 996
King Ethelbert School, Kent CY MOD M 15% 1009.7
North Doncaster Technology College, Doncaster CY T COMP M 15% 977
Sittingbourne Community College, Kent CY A MOD M 15% 1024.2
Greig City Academy, Haringey AC COMP M 15% 1028.3
Merrill College, Derby, City of FD COMP M 15% 1001
King Richard Secondary School, Portsmouth CY A COMP M 15% 1039.7
Saint Bede's Catholic Science College, Lincolnshire VA Sc MOD M 15% 1033.7
Glenburn Sports College, Lancashire CY S COMP M 15% 1018.8
Grange School, Oldham CY A,L COMP M 15% 1034.8

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