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PM's wife paid for TV presenting
Cherie Booth QC
Cherie Booth was paid 3,000 to present a series on Teachers' TV
Cherie Booth QC was paid 3,000 of taxpayers' money to present a TV series about teaching children about "rights and responsibilities".

The prime minister's wife stressed the importance of teaching citizenship in a three-part series to be broadcast on the government funded Teachers' TV.

Downing Street and Teachers' TV said it was the standard fee for presenters.

Compulsory citizenship classes in schools were introduced by the former education secretary David Blunkett.

Using her expertise as a human rights lawyer, Ms Booth took part in discussions like CCTV in schools and a child's right to education during the programmes.

Speaking before the series is broadcast she said: "As a lawyer, I think it is vital that we teach children the importance of rights and responsibilities, both for them as individuals and for the community as a whole.

"I understand, however, why it can seem both a difficult and controversial area to teach.

"But it is important that we get the message over that human rights are not abstract concepts without relevance to everyday life but touch each and everyone of us."

Teaching criticised

The education watchdog Ofsted has complained about the quality of citizenship lessons and said many teachers found it difficult to teach.

Teachers' TV said the series would provide an extra teaching aid for citizenship classes.

Andrew Bethell, chief executive of Teachers' TV, said: "It is not every day that teachers get an insight from one of the country's leading human rights specialists, but with this resource everyone is now able to benefit from Ms Booth's expertise.

"These programmes offer practical help in dealing with some contentious issues."

Human Rights with Cherie Booth QC will be broadcast on Teachers' TV every Tuesday from 12 September to 26 September at 2000 BST.

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