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Letters 'key to a woman's heart'
Jilly Cooper
Even rugby players can write love letters, Ms Cooper says
Men should boost their literacy skills and revive the forgotten art of writing love letters, a survey suggests.

Of 2,000 UK women interviewed for the Department for Education and Skills poll, 77% said they would prefer a letter to a romantic text or e-mail.

However, one in five said they had never received one - and nearly half had not been sent one in a decade.

The DfES said its Get On campaign could help suitors to brush up their three Rs before putting pen to paper.

'Cool, dark and handsome'

Novelist Jilly Cooper, whose best-sellers include Rivals, Polo and Riders - which focus on the romantic affairs of the horse-owning world - said: "After my first date with my husband Leo, nearly 45 years ago, he sent me a love letter saying he couldn't wait to see me again.

"I was totally bowled over that this cool, hunky, darkly handsome, incredibly witty rugby player could also express his feelings so enchantingly.

John Prescott
After horses: does a croquet-themed romance novel beckon?

"I'm convinced women everywhere feel exactly the same way. So come, boys, get your pens out.

"All you need say to your sweet wife or partner is, 'You're the best in the world and I love you.'

"Or if you're too shy to let a woman know that you fancy her, just write telling her she's fabulous."

Ms Cooper added: "I know many men feel it's soppy and wimpish to show their feelings, but writing a love letter is such a great way of making your partner feel special."

Earlier this year, she told the Hay literary festival that she used to "quite fancy" Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

"I come from Yorkshire and we like chunky men up there," she said.

The Get On campaign is aimed at helping 2.25 million adults gain a qualification by 2010 - its helpline can be contacted on 0800 100900.

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