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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 June 2006, 11:21 GMT 12:21 UK
Minorities 'make better progress'
Ethnic minority pupils made more relative progress, researchers say
Pupils from ethnic minority groups in England make more relative progress than their white peers, a study says.

The study of state schools noted that pupils of South Asian, Chinese and black African origin got more GCSEs on average, and other black pupils fewer.

But the University of Bristol-based research found they all made more progress between different stages of their schooling than white pupils.

Much of this was in the run-up to GCSEs, between the ages of 14 and 16.

It was happening in almost all secondary schools.

The research, by the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, looked at test scores at ages seven, 11 and 14 and GCSE exam results from all state schools in England.

It found that, in line with previous research, pupils with Bangladeshi, Indian and black African heritage made substantial gains compared with their white peers.

'Relative progress'

Pupils with black Caribbean and "black other" heritage were on average achieving less than their white counterparts at age 16. But they had made more relative progress.

For students of black African, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian or Chinese ethnicity, the "value added" progress between different sets of school tests was about three GCSE points higher than for white pupils.

The difference for students with black Caribbean or other black heritage was 0.4 points.

The research says: "One striking fact is that poor white students are the lowest performing of all groups at age 16, showing a substantial deterioration in their relative scores through secondary school."

The study found that this progress was almost universally true for all schools for the varying ethnic groups.

For the three South Asian groups the improvement was seen in more than 90% of schools, for black African pupils it was 87% and for Chinese pupils it was 86%.

Other black pupils however improved relative to white pupils in only about half of schools.

The researchers said this suggested that the quality of schooling had a definite impact on them.

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