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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 March 2006, 11:07 GMT
Key points of the education bill
'Trust schools'
  • every school to be able to become a foundation school, acquire a foundation and allow that foundation to appoint a majority of governors
  • local authorities to continue to be able to propose community schools in competitions for new schools
  • parents can complain about a school to Ofsted
  • councils empowered to require a weak school to collaborate with another school or to work with a partner on school improvement.
  • existing ban on selection by ability reaffirmed
  • ban on interviewing prospective pupils and their parents
  • schools must "act in accordance" with the admissions code, rather than simply "have regard to" it
  • local admissions forums can refer objections to the Schools Adjudicator and produce an annual report on fair access in their areas
  • parents get council help in choosing a school
  • free transport extended to help the poorest families
Meals, learning and discipline
  • nutritional standards applied to school meals
  • councils can offer free meals to all if they wish
  • teenagers entitled to new vocational diplomas
  • schools and colleges to collaborate in offering diplomas
  • duty on councils to ensure all children achieve their potential
  • all staff in schools get power to discipline misbehaving pupils even out of school
  • detention can be imposed on weekends
  • parenting contracts and orders are extended
  • parents made responsible for excluded children

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