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Last Updated: Monday, 8 May 2006, 12:13 GMT 13:13 UK
German course caters for Cup fans
Students at Joseph Priestley College
Students will learn how to ask where their lucky underpants are
Beleaguered referees at this summer's World Cup in Germany should beware: England fans are being taught how to berate them in the local language.

Students in Leeds are learning the equivalent of phrases like "that's a dive", "penalty" and "send him off".

Joseph Priestley College is also instructing supporters in buying lager and chanting England songs in German.

Course director Elke St John said she hoped the four-week course would increase interest in the language.

Beer for breakfast?

The four-week World Cup Survival Kit primer, which is already fully booked up, will teach essential football phrases such as "Du singst nicht mehr" (You're not singing anymore) and "Vindaloo, vindaloo, wir alle mögen vindaloo" (Vindaloo, vindaloo, and we all like vindaloo).

And, as if help were needed, "Zwei Bier bitte" (Two pints of lager, please) and "Haben Sie englisches Frühstück?" (Do you sell an English breakfast?) are on the syllabus.

Ms St John, herself German but not a football fan, said: "We are going to start people off with simple things like ordering a beer or some food and hopefully move on to understanding more about German culture.

"It should be a lot of fun and make people's stay more enjoyable."

Some of the choice phrases students will learn are:

  • That's a dive - Fallsucht
  • Goal! - Tor!
  • Have you seen my lucky Union Jack underpants? - Hast du meine Union Jack glücksunterhose gesehen?

Michael Bennett, head of marketing at the college, said. "A number of my mates are going to the World Cup and approached me about a language course.

"The difference was that they didn't want to know the German for 'where do you live' and 'what hobbies have you got'. They wanted to know where they can buy good lager and a kebab."

Curious fans will have the chance to learn more about the cuisine.

Mr Bennett said: "German cooking is known as a diet of sausages and beer but we will be dispelling that particular myth.

"Modern recipes capture the new style of German cooking which is lighter, fresher and more healthy.

"It is a style of cooking which fits in perfectly with current trends for simple, homely dishes with robust flavours.

"There are plenty of new twists on traditional recipes such as a crusty pork loin with rhubarb or a spicy bread and butter pudding."

Thousands of England fans are expected to visit Germany for the World Cup, which starts next month.

Ticket warning for World Cup fans
08 May 06 |  Business


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