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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 11:29 GMT
Most children have TV in bedroom
Children watching TV
Many children have expensive equipment in their bedrooms
Most children have a television and a games console in their bedroom, a survey suggests.

A poll of 1,300 families found that seven in 10 children have their own television while six in 10 have a games console.

A third of children have gadgets worth up to 2,000 in their rooms, according to the survey for Lloyds TSB Insurance.

One in 20 parents said their child's room had more valuable items in it than any other room in the house.

'Gold mine'

More than half of the children involved in the survey have a DVD player, about 50% have a hi-fi system in their room, while about one in three have a digital personal music player or a computer.

Television has no place in a child's bedroom
Andrew, London

Most (nine in 10) of the children had been given their hi-tech goods as presents, while the others saved up for them with pocket money or money earned through working.

Only one in 10 parents questioned feared they might spoil their children by buying them things. Half said their children deserved or needed the hi-tech goods.

Phil Loney, managing director at Lloyds TSB Insurance, said: "It may surprise some parents, but our survey shows that British youngsters are quite literally, sleeping on a gold mine.

"As new technology increases, so too does the value of British kids' bedrooms, with many kids owning seven or eight individual high-priced items."

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