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Best English and maths results
This page shows the 120 schools in England in which all pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 achieved the equivalent of five good GCSE grades including English and maths GCSEs.

The APS column shows the overall average points per student.

The letters after each school's name show what type it is, any specialism, its admissions policy and whether it has a Boys, Girls or Mixed intake.

Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils eligible to take the exams are not included.

Click the name of a school for a page detailing its performance.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Essex FD T,Mu SEL G 727.1
Wellingborough School, Northamptonshire IND - SEL M 649.5
Newport Girls' High School, Telford and Wrekin CY M SEL G 627.6
Newstead Wood School for Girls, Bromley FD E SEL G 622.0
King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham IND - SEL G 620.2
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham VA M SEL G 609.7
St Paul's School, Richmond upon Thames IND - SEL B 601.3
Westminster School, Westminster IND - SEL B 600.1
Perse School for Girls, Cambridgeshire IND - SEL G 596.2
Ryde School with Upper Chine, Isle of Wight IND - NONSEL M 595.4
Lawrence Sheriff School, Warwickshire VA M SEL B 587.0
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford, Essex FD Sc SEL B 579.6
Bedford High School, Bedfordshire IND - SEL G 576.3
Colchester Royal Grammar School, Essex FD Sc SEL B 576.3
King Edward VI Aston School, Birmingham VA S SEL B 574.2
Colchester County High School for Girls, Essex FD Sc SEL G 572.7
Leicester Grammar School, Leicester IND - SEL M 571.9
King Edward VI Handsworth School, Birmingham VA A SEL G 571.5
The Lady Eleanor Holles School, Richmond upon Thames IND - SEL G 571.0
Wilson's School, Sutton VA M SEL B 566.9
Eltham College, Bromley IND - SEL B 564.5
The Abbey School Reading, Reading IND - SEL G 564.0
St Paul's Girls' School, Hammersmith and Fulham IND - SEL G 558.9
Wimbledon High School, Merton IND - SEL G 558.1
Alcester Grammar School, Warwickshire FD A SEL M 557.4
Sutton Grammar School for Boys, Sutton FD Sc SEL B 556.4
Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester IND - SEL G 555.2
Marist Senior School, Windsor and Maidenhead IND - SEL G 554.9
Old Palace School of John Whitgift, Croydon IND - SEL G 554.3
The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire FD L SEL B 549.6
Badminton School, Bristol IND - SEL G 549.0
City of London School, City of London IND - SEL B 548.9
Derby Grammar School, Derby IND - SEL B 548.9
James Allen's Girls' School, Southwark IND - SEL G 547.8
Bromley High School, Bromley IND - SEL G 545.8
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School, Lancashire FD T SEL G 545.8
King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham VA H SEL M 543.7
Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Buckinghamshire VC Sc SEL B 542.7
The Tiffin Girls' School, Kingston upon Thames CY M SEL G 542.0
Tonbridge School, Kent IND - SEL B 541.5
Downe House School, West Berkshire IND - SEL G 541.2
Magdalen College School, Oxfordshire IND - SEL B 541.2
Kendrick Girls' Grammar School, Reading FD Sc SEL G 539.9
The Perse School, Cambridgeshire IND - SEL B 539.1
The Cheltenham Ladies' College, Gloucestershire IND - SEL G 538.0
St Catherine's School, Surrey IND - SEL G 537.7
Queen Margaret's School, North Yorkshire IND - SEL G 536.7
St Helen's School, Hillingdon IND - SEL G 536.6
Shrewsbury High School, Shropshire IND - SEL G 536.0
Skipton Girls' High School, North Yorkshire VC E SEL G 535.3
Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls, Hertfordshire IND - SEL G 533.7
Withington Girls' School, Manchester IND - SEL G 532.4
Royal High School, Bath and North East Somerset IND - SEL G 531.1
King Edward's School, Birmingham IND - SEL B 528.8
Croydon High School, Croydon IND - SEL G 528.3
The Swaminarayan School, Brent IND - SEL M 528.1
Sevenoaks School, Kent IND - SEL M 526.7
Ilford County High School, Redbridge CY Sc SEL B 523.6
St Mary's School, Wiltshire IND - SEL G 522.9
Norwich High School for Girls GDST, Norfolk IND - SEL G 522.6
Putney High School, Wandsworth IND - SEL G 521.4
Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lancashire VA T SEL B 521.1
Trent College, Derbyshire IND - SEL M 519.7
Channing School, Haringey IND - SEL G 519.5
Redland High School, Bristol IND - SEL G 519.5
Walthamstow Hall, Kent IND - SEL G 518.8
King's College School, Merton IND - SEL B 518.4
Pate's Grammar School, Gloucestershire VA L SEL M 517.1
Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Ealing IND - SEL G 513.5
The Latymer School, Enfield VA - SEL M 512.7
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, Lancashire FD T SEL M 511.8
Parkstone Grammar School, Poole FD Sc SEL G 511.2
The King's High School for Girls, Warwickshire IND - SEL G 509.1
Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire CY L SEL G 507.2
Dover Grammar School for Girls, Kent CY - SEL G 507.0
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Church High School, Newcastle upon Tyne IND - SEL G 505.2
The Alice Ottley School, Worcestershire IND - SEL G 505.2
The Skinners' School, Kent VA Sc SEL B 504.6
Derby High School, Derby IND - SEL G 504.3
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield IND - SEL B 503.7
Woodford County High School, Redbridge CY - SEL G 503.5
Francis Holland School, Westminster IND - SEL G 501.6
King Edward VI School, Warwickshire VA - SEL B 501.6
Worth School, West Sussex IND - SEL B 500.7
Bancrofts School, Redbridge IND - SEL M 500.2
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School, Wiltshire VA L SEL B 500.1
Forest School, Waltham Forest IND - SEL M 500.0
Leicester High School for Girls, Leicester IND - SEL G 500.0
Edgbaston High School for Girls, Birmingham IND - SEL G 499.3
Durham High School for Girls, Durham IND - SEL G 498.8
St Swithun's School, Hampshire IND - SEL G 495.3
Francis Holland School, Westminster IND - SEL G 494.0
Bablake School, Coventry IND - SEL M 493.3
Alton Convent School, Hampshire IND - SEL M 491.9
Exeter School, Devon IND - SEL M 491.7
Heathfield School Pinner, Harrow IND - SEL G 491.3
Highgate School, Haringey IND - SEL B 489.7
Ipswich High School, Suffolk IND - SEL G 489.4
The King's School, Cheshire IND - SEL M 489.2
Torquay Grammar School for Girls, Torbay FD H SEL G 488.1
Ibstock Place School, Wandsworth IND - SEL M 487.4
Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle (British Section), Kensington and Chelsea IND - SEL M 486.6
Wakefield Girls' High School, Wakefield IND - SEL G 484.3
Tudor Hall School, Oxfordshire IND - SEL G 484.0
St Albans High School for Girls, Hertfordshire IND - SEL G 483.8
Royal Grammar School, Surrey IND - SEL B 481.9
Hulme Grammar School for Boys, Oldham IND - SEL B 478.8
Twycross House School, Leicestershire IND - SEL M 478.3
Chigwell School, Essex IND - SEL M 478.1
The Grange School, Cheshire IND - SEL M 477.8
Tormead School, Surrey IND - SEL G 477.0
Berkhamsted Collegiate School, Hertfordshire IND - SEL M 473.6
The North Halifax Grammar School, Calderdale FD Sc SEL M 468.2
St Albans School, Hertfordshire IND - SEL B 466.5
Notre Dame Senior School, Surrey IND - SEL G 464.1
Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth IND - SEL G 459.6
Stockport Grammar School, Stockport IND - SEL M 455.6
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn with Darwen IND - SEL M 450.9
Thetford Grammar School, Norfolk IND - SEL M 448.0
Hereford Cathedral School, Herefordshire IND - SEL M 428.4

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