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Sample university selection test
objects in university test
Students applying to go to university in the UK might have to sit a general entrance test.

A pilot scheme will begin this autumn.

The test is designed to measure general thinking skills rather than knowledge and will be taken alongside AS-levels.

The organisers say the 96 multiple-choice questions will measure various types of reasoning.

Test yourself with a sample of questions released by the organisers:

Question 1: Plausible Reasoning

The illustration above right suggests that:

a) geometric shapes are behind everything, even television

b)television contrasts with other fundamentals

c)geometric shapes are infinitely flexible

d)television has become fundamental

Question 2: Dealing with Information and Problem Solving

Dale, a plumber, charges for work done in people's homes as follows:

60 to go to the home, which includes a maximum of 15 minutes' work; plus 15 for any part of each 15 minutes' work after the first 15 minutes.

Dale calls at Mrs Acorn's home and does an hour and twenty minutes' work. His charge will be:

a) 75


c) 120

d) 135

e) 150

Question 3

Dale calls at Paul's place. Paul wants work done, but only has 160 to pay for it. Dale starts work at 2.00pm and works continuously for the maximum time that could be covered by the 160. When does Dale stop?

a)3:45 pm

b)3:50 pm

c) 3:55 pm

d) 4:00 pm

e) 4:05 pm

Question 4

Dale wants to set up a computer program to automate his billing of customers. The illustration below shows the stage he has reached in his planning of the flow chart for the program. There is nothing in the circle marked with an X at this stage.

graphic showing test diagram
Without an instruction at X, a problem with this program is that it will:

a) always charge customers too little

b) always charge customers too little, except for periods of 15 minutes or less

c) always charge customers too much, except for periods of 15 minutes or less

d) only charge customers correctly for periods of time that are exact multiples of 15 minutes

e) only charge customers correctly for periods of time that are not exact multiples of 15 minutes

Question 5

Which one of the following instructions at position X would correct Dale's program?

a) subtract 15.00

b) add 45.00

c) subtract 45.00

d) add 60

e)subtract 60


Question 1: d) - Television has become fundamental

Question 2: d) - 135

Question 3: a) - 3.45pm

Question 4: b) - always charge customers too little, except for periods of 15 minutes or less.

Question 5: b) - add 45.00

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