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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 23:58 GMT 00:58 UK
Graduates 'desire career change'
Many graduates wanted to 'make a difference'
Almost three-quarters of recent graduates plan to change career by the time they are 35, a survey says.

The Teacher Training Agency found that 73% of workers who had left university since 2003 expected to spend 10 years or less in their first profession.

Meanwhile, 72% said they expected a different career by the age of 35.

Many workers wanted to do jobs in which they felt they could "make a difference" to people's lives, a poll of 1,778 graduates aged 21 to 36 found.

'Broader range'

People in their early 20s were particularly keen to move on, with 40% planning to spend only five years in their current careers.

Of the 69% of graduate workers who said they were planning a career change, one in five was considering re-training as a teacher.

Graham Holley, executive director of the Teacher Training Agency, said: "Today, almost a third of newly-qualified teachers are over 30 years old.

"This means our classrooms can draw on a far broader range of talent and experience."

The poll found 14% of those planning a career change wanted to work in the media or publishing industries and 11% in IT and telecommunications.

One in 10 wanted a job in banking and the same number wanted to work in the civil service.

The TTA's online survey was carried out on its behalf by YouGov.

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