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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December 2004, 00:15 GMT
Student debts 'last eight years'
Expected debts varied by university
British university graduates expect to owe 12,000 on average and spend eight years repaying it, a report suggests.

A survey of more than 11,000 students by the insurer Endsleigh found those at Queen Mary, University of London, predicted most debt - 19,550.

The least - expected by students at Newcastle, Brighton and Sheffield - was still more than 10,000.

Expected starting salaries ranged from 23,024 at the School of African and Oriental Studies to 15,385 at Paisley.

'Quicker repayments'

The survey also found men thought they would leave university owing an average of 12,822, while for women the figure was 12,262.

Both men and women graduating from Brighton University believed they would repay their debts in just four years, the lowest in the country.

Female graduates from the University of Middlesex and Goldsmiths College, expected to take 13 years - the longest.

A recent study by the NatWest bank showed average debt of students leaving university in England, Scotland and Wales rose by 33% on the year.

This year's graduates owe 12,180 on average, an increase of 4,055 on 2003, it found.

The study also found that this year's new students expect they will need 26,000 to pay for their time at college.

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