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Last Updated: Monday, 19 January, 2004, 17:29 GMT
Can you spell properly?
Most 11 year olds - even the ones who pass their school tests - cannot spell a variety of commonly used words, the exams watchdog has found.

Here are some examples. Can you do better?

Which of these is spelled correctly?
A: Efortless
B: Effortless
C: Efourtless
More than half of 11 year olds were bamboozled by this one. Which is correct?
A: Partissipate
B: Partisipate
C: Participate
It's what we go to school for, but how is the word itself written?
A: Noledge
B: Knowledge
C: Knowlege
More and more of us are getting degrees, but what do they make us?
A: Quaulified
B: Qualiffied
C: Qualified
Only 12% of 11 year olds spelled this everyday word correctly. Which is right?
A: Thoroughly
B: Thouroghly
C: Thurolly
This proved a wolf in sheep's clothing for two-thirds of children. Which is not an imposter?
A: Discise
B: Descuise
C: Disguise
It sounds easy, but which is spelled correctly?
A: Rehersed
B: Rehearsed
C: Reheursed
Which of these best describes this quiz? Be polite.
A: Chalendging
B: Chalenging
C: Challenging

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