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'Most improved' schools
The table below shows the top 98 secondary schools in England that have had the biggest sustained improvement in their GCSE-level results over the last four years.

The columns show the proportion of students getting at least five good GCSEs or GNVQs each year, and the overall increase.

The list is compiled by the Department for Education and Skills.

The key to inclusion is consistency - a school's results have to have improved each year. Other schools might have had a bigger rise across the four years, but with a dip along the way.

Click the name of any school for a page in our main tables detailing its performance.

RankName and LEA2000200120022003Rise
1Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat Church of England Secondary School, Tower Hamlets32%36%71%79%47
2All Saints Catholic School and Technology College, Barking and Dagenham45%51%68%89%44
3Guru Nanak Sikh Voluntary Aided Secondary School, Hillingdon44%70%75%87%43
4Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria School, Bradford19%34%47%58%39
5Turves Green Boys' School, Birmingham21%34%48%59%38
6Brownhills High School, Stoke on Trent9%16%25%46%37
6Waverley School, Birmingham14%16%18%51%37
8Archbishop Holgate's Church of England Voluntary Controlled School, York39%44%57%75%36
8Croxteth Community Comprehensive School, Liverpool11%14%20%47%36
10Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive School, Gateshead15%23%33%50%35
10The Halifax High School, Calderdale15%30%40%50%35
10Shipston High School, Warwickshire18%19%37%53%35
13Bishop Challoner Catholic School, Birmingham42%57%61%76%34
13Central Foundation Boys' School, Islington16%27%37%50%34
13Christ's Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School, Richmond upon Thames13%19%36%47%34
16Walker Technology College, Newcastle upon Tyne25%25%42%58%33
16Oxclose Community School, Sunderland38%40%46%71%33
18Ernest Bevin College, Wandsworth28%29%54%60%32
18Bnos Yisroel Schools, Salford47%61%71%79%32
20Kingsdale Secondary School, Southwark11%17%41%42%31
20Royal Russell School, Croydon56%59%64%87%31
22Wimbledon College, Merton47%56%65%77%30
22Kirk Hallam Community Technology College, Derbyshire45%58%68%75%30
22The Westgate School, Slough20%30%33%50%30
22Thomas Keble School, Gloucestershire32%39%47%62%30
26Lees Brook Community Sports College, Derby City20%30%47%49%29
26St Edmund Campion Roman Catholic School, Gateshead21%25%40%50%29
26Greenfield School Community and Arts College, Durham25%36%36%54%29
29Stratford School, Newham37%40%46%65%28
29Blake Valley Technology College, Staffordshire22%24%32%50%28
29Islington Arts and Media School, Islington5%22%23%33%28
29The Blessed John Roche Roman Catholic School, Tower Hamlets17%23%31%45%28
33Lipson Community College, Plymouth24%35%47%50%26
33The Leigh City Technology College, Kent51%69%77%77%26
33Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School, Rochdale34%42%49%60%26
33Westleigh High School - A College of Technology, Wigan18%24%28%44%26
33Kingsdown High School, Wigan7%10%27%33%26
33Christ The King Catholic High School, Preston, Lancashire24%25%44%50%26
39Gable Hall School, Thurrock57%67%74%82%25
39Kelvin Hall School, Kingston upon Hull22%30%39%47%25
41The Cornwallis School, Kent44%44%68%68%24
41Quintin Kynaston School, Westminster24%33%38%48%24
41Harris City Technology College, Croydon68%90%91%92%24
41St Thomas More RC School and Technology College, Warwickshire50%54%62%74%24
41St Benedict's Catholic School, Suffolk57%68%69%81%24
41Ripon College, North Yorkshire20%29%31%44%24
41St Hugh's CofE Mathematics and Computing College, Lincolnshire17%22%24%41%24
48Alderbrook School, Solihull55%61%64%78%23
48Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School, Luton43%47%51%66%23
48The Benjamin Britten High School, Suffolk44%45%62%67%23
48Temple Moor High School, Leeds28%41%45%51%23
48Newall Green High School, Manchester17%32%38%40%23
48Earlham School, Norfolk16%20%30%39%23
48The Aveley School, Thurrock18%29%36%41%23
55St Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall, Walsall32%39%47%54%22
55Easington Community School, Durham23%27%30%45%22
55Manor College of Technology, Hartlepool31%36%38%53%22
55Stanley High School, Sefton52%52%62%74%22
55Chamberlayne Park School, Southampton20%26%32%42%22
55Saint Michael's Catholic High School, Hertfordshire50%52%54%72%22
55Brentford School for Girls, Hounslow28%31%46%50%22
55Mitchell High School, Stoke on Trent7%11%16%29%22
63Soar Valley College, Leicester City42%55%59%63%21
63Kingswood High School, Kingston upon Hull3%18%23%24%21
63Hamilton Community College, Leicester City12%21%25%33%21
63St Joseph's College, Croydon42%53%58%63%21
63Brookway High School and Sports College, Manchester14%15%19%35%21
63Hookergate School, Gateshead19%19%22%40%21
69All Saints Catholic High School, Knowsley24%32%34%44%20
69Albany School, Enfield21%22%28%41%20
69Budmouth Technology College, Dorset46%46%59%66%20
69Loxford School of Science and Technology, Redbridge45%51%52%65%20
69Saint Benedict Catholic School, Derby City42%43%49%62%20
69Springwood High School, Norfolk38%44%53%58%20
69St Luke's CofE VA Secondary School, Portsmouth6%6%11%26%20
69St Richard's Catholic College, East Sussex63%71%74%83%20
69Hodge Hill Girls' School, Birmingham31%33%44%51%20
69Selly Park Technology College for Girls, Birmingham62%65%70%82%20
69Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls' School, Southwark53%55%66%73%20
69Oaklands School, Tower Hamlets40%41%57%60%20
69Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire62%74%77%82%20
69Moreton Community School, Wolverhampton12%19%24%32%20
69The Saint Bede's Catholic School, Boston, Lincolnshire13%14%16%33%20
84Ashby Grammar School, Leicestershire48%53%58%67%19
84The King Edmund School, Essex39%45%46%58%19
84Wood Green High School College of Sport, Sandwell43%48%60%62%19
84Plessington Catholic High School Technology College, Wirral43%44%55%62%19
84South Wirral High School, Wirral33%34%48%52%19
84Cirencester Kingshill School, Gloucestershire57%68%74%76%19
84Shirley High School, Croydon44%53%56%63%19
84Smestow School, Wolverhampton50%52%57%69%19
84Langdon Park Community School, Tower Hamlets24%28%29%43%19
84Pensby High School for Girls, Wirral55%67%74%74%19
84Broadland High School, Norfolk49%59%60%68%19
84Richard Challoner School, Kingston upon Thames59%62%73%78%19
84Mandeville Upper School, Buckinghamshire14%18%28%33%19
84William Lovell Church of England School, Lincolnshire16%27%29%35%19
84Sherrardswood School, Hertfordshire68%74%78%87%19

English secondary schools 2003




English primary school tables 2003



Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not publish tables.


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