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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 December, 2003, 16:22 GMT
Grammar schools add most value
Ripon Grammar School
Ripon Grammar - only target of a ballot - came in the top 20
Grammar schools dominate the league table of 14 year olds' test results in England.

They top the ranking for "raw" results - but also the one showing the newer "value added" measure.

This measure is a number based around 100 - higher being above average, lower being below.

It is intended to show how much pupils improved between this year's tests and those they took at the age of 11, at the end of primary schooling.

Teachers' organisations argue that the methodology is flawed and the tables are an irrelevance.

Care needed

The Department for Education and Skills says the smaller the number of pupils taking the test, the less confidence can be attached to the score.

For schools with 50 pupils or more, scores of 99.2 to 101 are "broadly average" - where there are 100 pupils or more, scores of 99.5 to 100.7 are broadly average.

A score of 103 and above puts a school in the top 5% of schools nationally whereas 97.5 or less is in the bottom 5%.

'Scrap the ballots'

Skegness Grammar School in Skegness, Lincolnshire, led the table with a score of 104.2. At the other end was Addington High School in Croydon, south of London, with a score of 95.4.

Skegness Grammar's head teacher, Andrew Rigby, said the government should now scrap the legislation which allows campaigners to force local ballots on the future of selection.

The law - which pro-comprehensive campaigners regard as weighted against them - has been used only once, in Ripon, where parents voted to keep the 11-plus.

Mr Rigby said it was time to remove the threat because the tables showed grammars gave a good education.

"I feel that if grammar schools are well represented in the upper reaches of the value-added league tables it proves we are doing a good job, and not just because we have the advantage of a selective intake," he said.

"We are delivering the goods with aplomb."

The table below shows the top 5% of schools nationally with their value added measure:

School LEA value added
The Skegness Grammar School Lincolnshire 104.2
Reading School Reading 104.0
Chatham Grammar School for Girls Medway 103.9
The Judd School Kent 103.7
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys Kent 103.7
Kendrick Girls Reading 103.7
Dr Challoner Buckinghamshire 103.6
Saint Gregory Bath and North East Somerset 103.6
Southend High School for Boys Southend-on-Sea 103.6
"Queen Elizabeth Barnet 103.5
Simon Langton Girls Kent 103.5
Weald of Kent Grammar School Kent 103.5
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys Birmingham 103.5
Sir William Borlase Buckinghamshire 103.4
Lancaster Royal Grammar School Lancashire 103.4
Tunbridge Wells Girls Kent 103.4
The Henrietta Barnett School Barnet 103.4
The Tiffin Girls Kingston upon Thames 103.3
Ripon Grammar School North Yorkshire 103.3
Lancaster Girls Lancashire 103.3
Lawrence Sheriff School Warwickshire 103.3
Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls A Specialist Language College Warwickshire 103.3
Bennett Memorial Diocesan School Kent 103.2
"The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe" Buckinghamshire 103.2
The Rochester Grammar School for Girls Medway 103.2
Wallington County Grammar School Sutton 103.2
Pate Gloucestershire 103.2
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Trafford 103.1
Cranbrook School Kent 103.1
John Hampden Grammar School Buckinghamshire 103.1
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls Wiltshire 103.1
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls Birmingham 103.1
Marling School Gloucestershire 103.1
Colyton Grammar School Devon 103.1
The Boston Grammar School Lincolnshire 103.1
The Skinners Kent 103.1
Ermysted North Yorkshire 103.1
Newport Girls Telford and Wrekin 103.1
South Wigston High School Leicestershire 103.0
Watford Grammar School for Girls Hertfordshire 103.0
Dane Court Grammar School Kent 103.0
Watford Grammar School for Boys Hertfordshire 103.0
Highsted Grammar School Kent 103.0
The Blue Coat School Liverpool 103.0
Oakwood Park Grammar School Kent 103.0
The Crypt School Gloucestershire 103.0
Skipton Girls North Yorkshire 103.0
Rugby High School Warwickshire 103.0
King Edward VI School Warwickshire 103.0
Source: Department for Education and Skills

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