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Last Updated: Friday, 12 December, 2003, 11:14 GMT
Teachers 'unhappy' at government
Staff have complained about pay and tests
Less than a third of teachers are happy with the government's handling of education, a survey suggests.

Just 28% of 984 staff questioned in England and Wales were satisfied with ministers' performance, Mori found, while 1% were very satisfied.

Meanwhile, 51% said they were fairly or very dissatisfied.

The findings come as teaching unions are showing their opposition to national tests, a school workforce agreement and pay proposals.

'Growing disillusionment'

According to the poll, of primary and secondary school staff, dissatisfaction increased with experience.

Teachers with six or more years in the job had a 53% chance of being dissatisfied.

Only 32% of newly qualified staff felt the same.

Nearly half of this group said they were satisfied with the government's performance on education.

This dropped sharply to 27% for those with one to five years' experience.

A Mori spokesman said: "Coming at a time when the government is facing stiff opposition from the teaching unions in relation to national tests, the school workforce agreement and teachers' pay proposals, and as recruitment and retention problems continue to dog schools, the survey suggests that the problems already facing Charles Clarke and his ministers may increase over the next parliamentary session."

Although many teachers seem dissatisfied with the government's achievements, they appear generally very happy with their jobs.

The same survey found nine out of 10 teachers said they were satisfied with their jobs, while almost half said they were very satisfied.

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