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Enjoying the Baccalaureate life
Esme enjoys the variety of the Baccalaureate
Sixth-former Esme Ferrington says studying for a Baccalaureate has given her the freedom to do a variety of subjects as well as time for extra-curricular activities.

A pupil at Prince William School in Oundle, near Peterborough, she studies six subjects - three at a higher level and three at a standard level.

She also takes part in something called Creative Action Service - extra-curricular activities which help the local community.

Esme said: "I do English, history and Spanish at higher level and chemistry, maths and French at standard.

"This lets me do the all the subjects I like. I couldn't decide which to drop if I had to do A-levels."

She says she sometimes wishes she did not have to study maths, which is compulsory under the Baccalaureate, but generally she is happy with the choices she has.

The pupils enjoy creative activities in the curriculum
"I don't feel I am disadvantaged.

"All universities recognise the qualification, although a lot of them don't understand it."

Under her course, she devotes time to extra-curricular activities, which can include music, sport and the arts.

Pupils also do work which is of use to the local community.

Esme thinks these "extras" are a great benefit to her too, when it comes to applying to university.

"I can go to universities and say I have done all these things and I got so much out of them."

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