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Pratchett's creative scholarship
Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett (centre) and his academic co-authors at Warwick University

Author Terry Pratchett is to have a scholarship for gifted pupils named after him.

It will provide support for a talented pupil from a "less privileged background" who will be able to take part in a creative writing course at the summer school run by The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth.

The academy was set up to provide a more challenging environment for the most able pupils.

While summer schools have been used to help slower pupils to catch up - the summer school at the academy for gifted pupils is intended to stretch bright pupils in a way that would not be possible in an ordinary classroom.

Promoting science

The creation of a Terry Pratchett scholarship follows the author's previous involvement with the University of Warwick, which hosts the summer school.

The University of Warwick has awarded the author an honorary degree - Hon DLitt - given in recognition of the success of his "Discworld" series of novels, and also because his writing has helped to introduce a general audience to science.

Mr Pratchett has published a book in a collaboration with two academics at Warwick University, which uses the Discworld settings for an introduction to serious science.

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