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Volcanic ash: Readers remain stranded

UK airlines are continuing to bring back passengers stranded after the volcanic ash disruption.

British Airways (BA) said it was still providing extra flights and that its operation was ongoing.

Many BBC readers remain stranded abroad and have been getting in touch with details of their situation.

Laurence Lennon and his wife Kathryn
Laurence Lennon and his wife Kathryn remain stranded in Sydney

We feel that passengers such as us in Australia have been completely overlooked by airlines such as BA.

It seems they have sent extra planes all over the world, but not here.

We were originally due to fly out on Saturday, 17 April, but it was cancelled.

BA's Australian office was closed, so we had to get relatives in the UK to get us on a different flight.

BA booked us on a flight last Wednesday with Qantas, but we were then informed it had been cancelled.

I have no income coming in from the beginning of May, so we just need to get home to the UK
Laurence Lennon, Sydney, Australia

We tried to get through to BA between Friday the 16th and Tuesday 20th at huge personal expense.

Finally they booked us on a flight for 7 May which has now changed to the 6th.

We came here for a wedding and for a two-week stay which may now turn into five.

My wife is a teacher and she has already missed a week of school and I have missed a couple of final round interviews and have no income coming in from the beginning of May, so we just need to get home to the UK.


We were due to travel home to Kent from Hanoi last Wednesday but our flights were cancelled and we were told that unless we had a confirmed flight from Hong Kong, we would not be allowed into Hanoi airport.

We had thought that if we got to Hong Kong we could get back by another route.

The local office of our airline - Cathay Pacific - has not answered any of our correspondences by email, phone or fax.

They gave us a standby date for today, which has still not been confirmed, and a confirmed departure date of 17 May.

On contacting Cathay Pacific in London by email I managed to get a confirmed flight for 2 May.

They say that we have to contact the Hanoi office to get re-routed but we cannot get through to them.

We are running out of money and are frustrated and fed up
Pamela Evans, Hanoi, Vietnam

I am aware that if we could get to Hong Kong we could gets flights to London via other European airports like Paris and Milan, but we cannot even seem to get re-routed.

Fortunately we are staying in a hotel, which was the last destination of our tour and can stay here until 2 May.

As we are rapidly running out of money our tour operator in the UK has agreed to pay the bill for us, but we have to reimburse them on our return to the UK.

We also understand that Cathay Pacific will not reimburse us for our forced extended stay - so who is going to compensate us?

As it is now obvious that we are not going to be on the plane today we are going to visit the office in Hanoi on Monday and request urgent repatriation by any means.

We are running out of money and are frustrated and fed up.


I was meant to fly to the UK and return back to Bristol on Saturday, 17 April.

We were lucky to have found a place to stay in New Jersey as we discovered that all hotels in New York (we landed at Newark) were fully booked.

As well as all this expense, we're now looking at both of us losing two weeks' pay
Lynn Booth, New York, USA

When we got there and booked for four nights we realised that the people there were charging what they liked. It started around $85 and rose daily reaching over $125 per night.

We rang our insurance company to see if they would be helping with accommodation costs and they said it should be sorted by the airline.

We also told them of our concern about my husband's diabetes.

He took enough insulin and needles for the 14 days we'd planned to be away and now he has ran out. They said they wouldn't cover that either.

As well as all this expense, we're now looking at both of us losing two weeks' pay.

Can you imagine how out of pocket we will be after all this? I can't wait to get back.

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