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Leaders seek election initiative


In an interview with the Times, Tory leader David Cameron says a hung Parliament would risk economic crisis.

It comes as he tries to wrest back the election initiative from Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems, the paper says.

Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian follows Gordon Brown's campaign at a children's centre in Birmingham.

The style would be fine if he were Princess Anne, he writes, but the problem is he is not Princess Anne, he is fighting for his political life.

Reform push

The Independent says Nick Clegg would push for a full system of proportional representation should he find himself partnering Labour in a hung Parliament.

In an interview with the paper, Mr Clegg appears to reject Labour's own vision of electoral reform.

The Daily Telegraph runs a story claiming Mr Clegg received a series of payments from party donors directly into his private bank account.

Mr Clegg has denied any wrongdoing, saying the money was properly declared.

Olympics legend

There are many tributes to Juan Antonio Samaranch, the former president of the International Olympic Committee, who has died at the age of 89.

The Daily Express describes his death as the end of an era for the Games.

The Guardian believes he had more influence on the Olympic movement than anyone other than its founder.

For the Daily Telegraph, Mr Samaranch revitalised the Olympics, despite a corruption scandal surrounding voting for the Salt Lake City Games in 1998.

Model aircraft

The Daily Mail features a rather unusual plane which was unaffected by the ban on flights due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

A man from Hastings in East Sussex has built what is said to be the world's biggest electric model aircraft.

The replica of a US B-50 bomber has a wingspan of 20ft, weighs more than seven stone and can fly at 400ft.

But there is one slight problem - it can only stay in the air for eight minutes before the batteries run out.

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