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Airspace reopening focuses papers


The reopening of UK airspace is the main story for many of the papers with the Daily Express carrying the headline "British skies open at last".

The Daily Telegraph asks: "Why was the ban ever imposed?" and a number criticise the government response.

The Guardian says the operation to bring stranded Britons home was "much-vaunted".

And the Daily Mail says travellers were "abandoned by ministers" and left with "no cash, no help and little hope".

Halo effect

Much of the election coverage focuses on Nick Clegg who is viewed with a mixture of fascination and alarm.

The Times pictures the Lib Dem leader with a shining light above his head under the headline: "The halo effect".

It says a group of generals have added fire to Mr Clegg's views by saying Britain should be prepared to scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent.

The Sun says a dossier setting out Mr Clegg's strategy for the TV debate was left in the back of a cab by a party official.

Progressive alliance

Staying with the election, the Daily Mail reckons the wheels are beginning to come off "Cleggmania" as he goes on the "defensive" over his expenses and lobbying activities.

The Independent says Gordon Brown wants a "progressive alliance" of Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters to join forces to keep the Tories out of power.

The Guardian says some shadow ministers have warned the Tories that its candidates are struggling to explain the party's key election message to voters on the doorsteps.

Curry lessons

Many papers have pictures of what the Daily Mirror calls Britain's craziest cycle lane in Poole - which is 2ft wider than the space left for vehicles.

The council tells the Sun the markings are "advisory" and there to remind motorists to give space to cyclists.

The Independent, meanwhile, wonders what Britain can teach India about curry.

It says four masterchefs from UK curry restaurants are in Calcutta to host the Taste of Britain Curry Festival.

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