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Ronnie Kray's criminal record uncovered at police HQ

Criminal record of Ronnie Kray
The record starts days after Kray's 17th birthday in 1950

The criminal record of gangster Ronnie Kray has been discovered at a police headquarters following an office move.

In the file he is described as a dog breeder, wardrobe dealer and club owner who will kill in any circumstances.

It also contains three never-been-seen photographs of the London crime boss and under the section "peculiarities" it says his "eyebrows meet over nose".

The document dating back to the 1950s was found at Durham Police HQ, near the prison Kray was sent to in 1969.

The report describes him as being "5ft 7.5ins tall with a fresh complexion, brown eyes and dark brown hair".

Public image

The photos in the file, from the then North Eastern Criminal Record Office, are believed to have been taken at Durham Jail.

Kray was sent to the prison after being convicted in March 1969 of murdering George Cornell, who was shot, and Jack "The Hat" McVitie, who was stabbed, in the East End.

He was joined at Durham by his twin brother Reggie and members of their gang.

He would brook no incompetence or interference from anyone

In a stark character assessment, the document said: "Ronald Kray has been the leader of a ruthless and terrible gang for a number of years... he has strong homosexual tendencies and an uncontrollable temper and has been able to generate terror not only in the lesser minions of his gang, but also in the close and trusted members.

"He would brook no incompetence or interference from anyone and was very conscious not only of his own public image but also that of his underlings.

"For this reason he used to like to set an example and enjoyed the name of 'the Colonel' amongst his subordinates."

'Museum piece'

The record starts in October 1950, shortly after Kray's 17th birthday, when he was sentenced to one day in police detention at a juvenile court for attempting to take and drive away a motor car without consent.

It details his later appearances at magistrates' courts on charges of assaulting police and at the Old Bailey where he was accused of wounding with intent and possessing a loaded revolver.

Other court appearances include attempting to bribe a police officer, unlawful gaming, and being found in a common gaming house.

Kray was transferred from Durham to Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight in 1970, and then to Broadmoor, where he died in 1995.

Durham Police said it would be finding a suitable home for the historic criminal file, possibly a museum.

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