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Hector Sants' resignation makes newspaper headlines


The surprise news that Hector Sants is stepping down as Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority is covered in the day's newspapers.

The Financial Times says the captain has jumped ship with the Authority facing choppy waters.

Reforms to city regulation are far from complete, and the FSA is also set to be abolished if the Conservatives win the general election, it says.

The Times says there are fears it could, therefore, become a lame duck.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's remarks to the General Synod about assisted suicide are welcomed by the Daily Mail.

Dr Rowan Williams said that relaxing the law would cross a moral boundary into very dangerous territory.

The Mail says his was a belated entry into the debate but says "he is at last speaking as an Archbishop of Canterbury should".

The Daily Telegraph says his speech ranged from assisted dying to equality to internal schisms.

Expenses query

The bitter political drama afflicting the Conservative party in the marginal seat of Westminster North is seized upon by several papers.

Joanne Cash - described by the Times as the "golden-haired vision of a very modern Conservative candidate" - resigned on Monday in a row with her local party, but was then reinstated after David Cameron intervened.

The Independent calls the row "The Notting Hill Set-to", and a "catfight" involving "Cameron's cutie".

The papers have been searching through the details of BBC salaries and expenses which are newly published.

The Guardian is taken by what it calls the "eyebrow-raising" £639 spent on a taxi by Erik Huggers - the man behind the introduction of the iPlayer.

He claimed the money during a business trip in California.

The Sun puts it more succinctly - BBC expenses spree "took us for a ride", it says.

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