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Reaction to the release of Iraq hostage Peter Moore

Graeme Moore
Graeme Moore was 'over the moon' at his son's release

British hostage Peter Moore has been released alive from captivity in Iraq, Foreign Secretary David Miliband has confirmed.

The IT consultant, aged 36, from Lincoln, was seized in Baghdad in May 2007, but Mr Miliband said he was in good health and delighted to be free.

The Moore family felt deep relief after two-and-a-half years of "misery, fear and uncertainty", the foreign secretary added.

Here are some further statements in reaction to the news.


"We are so relieved and we just want to get him home, back now to his family and friends.

"I'm breaking down; I'm just so overjoyed for the lad. It's been such a long haul.

"I know that there have been one or two people working in the background to get Peter released.

"Peter is a very resilient lad and he always has been because of his background... but I don't know how close he was to those others who have been shot."


"They have faced a terrible ordeal, and I know that the whole nation will share their joy that he is coming home. I pay tribute to all those who helped in the protracted effort to secure the release.

"At this moment of celebration, we also remember the families of British hostages who have been killed in Iraq and elsewhere.

"And we pledge to continue to do everything we can to bring British hostages back to their loved ones."


"I am very conscious that the joy and relief felt by Peter's family today will be mirrored by the continuing anguish of the family of Alan McMenemy, the last of the five men taken hostage.

"We have believed for some time that he has been killed and his immediate family have been told our view of his likely fate. I call again today on the hostage-takers to return Alan's body as soon as possible.

"My thoughts today are also with the families of Jason Swindlehurst, Jason Creswell and Alec MacLachlan, who did not survive this hostage-taking and whose bodies were repatriated to the UK earlier this year.

"For Peter's family the pain and the anguish is over. For the other families, it endures."


"I am delighted at the news of Peter Moore's release after such a long and terrible ordeal. This is wonderful news for his family as we enter the new year and for all who have followed this harrowing affair.

"At the same time our thoughts are of course with the families of his four bodyguards at what will be a particularly difficult and poignant time for them."


"One should not give up hope. And this is what I've said to the families all along.

"Even though you don't get any news for a long time, you must keep hope alive. And also maintain faith with those those who are working for his release.

"I know full well that the Foreign Office and the Metropolitan Police have really been active on this business, but half the time they really can't say what it is that they're doing.

"And they can't report progress half the time. And it just means there has to be a great deal of patience and eventually, as in this case, well, your hope is justified."


"Well of course we're all thrilled and delighted; it's the most wonderful Christmas present for Peter, for his family, and indeed for all of us because we all share in it here in Lincoln Cathedral.

"He's been in our prayers ever since he was taken into captivity. We have a candle burning here that's been kept alight since he was taken into captivity.

"That candle is still alight today even with the good news of his release because of course there'll be a bit of time for him to adjust. My hope is that he will be able to come here himself and extinguish that candle."

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