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Papers focus on flood food shortages


Some papers warn that people in the flood-hit Cumbrian town of Workington are running out of food.

The closure of the town's bridges means people must travel miles to buy bread or baby food, the Daily Mirror reports.

A resident of the north bank of the Derwent tells the Times he can see the M&S store to the south but faces an 80-mile round trip to get there.

Cumbria's chief fire officer tells the Daily Telegraph all emergency services are located on one side of the river.

Spotlight on judges

The Daily Telegraph leads with questions over the expenses claims of Labour MP Andrew Dismore - a member of the Commons Standards Committee.

Meanwhile, the Independent turns the spotlight on judges and magistrates.

Figures it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show their expenses have risen by £3m in two years.

First-class train tickets, air fares, hotels and restaurant bills are among the claims totalling £32m made by the judiciary this year.

'Final insult'

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes - shot in error by police on the Tube - will get reduced compensation because they are poor, the Daily Mail reports.

It says police lawyers and the family reached a settlement of £100,000, which it describes as the "final insult".

The main story for the Financial Times is a warning by British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh that he will not compromise over cost-cutting measures.

Cabin crew are voting on whether to take industrial action.

Self flagellation

A number of papers report the claim of a nun that Pope John Paul II - who died in 2005 - regularly whipped himself "in remorse for his sins".

The nun, who worked for the late Roman Catholic leader, made the disclosure in testimony supporting the case for him to be made a saint.

According to the Daily Express, she says: "Several times he would put himself through bodily penance.

"You could hear the sound of the blows when he flagellated himself."

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