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Papers unhappy over Lisbon Treaty


The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has gone down very badly with most newspapers.

The Daily Express is deeply unhappy, describing it as "the end" of Britain. The country, it feels, has "been sold down the river".

This point is rammed home with a picture of the blue and gold-starred EU flag flying from the tower of Big Ben.

The Sun believes Britain has been "betrayed" and offers a reprise of one of its most famous headlines on Europe, "Signed, sealed, delivered...up yours!"

Referendum pressure

The Times suggests we are seeing what it calls "the dawn of a new Europe".

The Daily Mail is interestedi where the treaty leaves David Cameron's "cast iron" pledge to offer the British people a referendum.

The Mail thinks Mr Cameron is now "under intense pressure" to hold a national vote on Europe if his party wins power.

Former shadow home secretary David Davis also calls for an incoming Tory government to hold a vote to redefine how the UK negotiates with the EU.

Mann's pardon

The pardoning of Simon Mann - the former army officer serving 34 years for his part in a failed coup - is given considerable attention.

The Daily Mirror says the authorities in Equatorial Guinea came to regard Mann as "a model prisoner".

We are also told the country's chief prosecutor still wishes to question Sir Mark Thatcher, despite his denials.

The Independent notes Mann's home will now radically change from a "concrete cell" to a £5m country residence.

Hero Boris

The Daily Telegraph has a story referring to Boris Johnson as a "knight on a shining bicycle."

The London Mayor earned the title after it emerged he had pedalled to the rescue of a woman.

Franny Armstrong was being attacked by a gang of girls, who he chased down the street, calling them 'oiks'.

Ms Armstrong voted for Ken Livingstone, but conceded: "If you even find yourself down a dark alleyway and in trouble, I think Boris would be of more use."

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