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Jailed King 'should get life ban'

Marlon King
King will be left without a club once he has served his sentence

The 20-year-old female student punched and groped by Premier League footballer Marlon King has called for him to be banned from the game for life.

Emily Carr said she suffered permanent damage after the striker broke her nose when she rebuffed his advance.

King - who has 13 previous convictions, including one for violence against women - has been sacked by Wigan.

But Gordon Taylor from the Professional Footballers' Association says the union will support King when he is released.

King, 29, was convicted on Thursday of sexual assault and causing actual bodily harm and sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Speaking to the News of The World newspaper, Miss Carr said King was "not fit to ever play for any team again".

"King's defence moaned that the sentence would lose him £1 million in earnings - but I've lost my face."

'Don't do that'

The married father-of-three was celebrating his wife's pregnancy and scoring a winning goal at a Soho night club when he groped Miss Carr.

"It wasn't just a little pinch, it was a squeeze done in a sexual way," she said.

"I was really offended... I looked him the eye and and slowly told him: 'Don't do that! Don't touch me!'"

She said that shortly afterwards, King then returned to his group and launched a tirade that included him shouting: "I'm a multimillionaire, love... you're not even in my league."

When he has paid his sentence, of course you would consider signing someone like that
Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager

The student told how King then punched her, knocking her to the ground leaving her with blood streaming from her nose and cut lip.

Miss Carr, who is 5ft tall, said: "It was like being hit with a brick in the face. My friend who saw it said King took a step back and delivered the punch like a boxer in the ring - with full force."

As she waited for the police, she said King sent a friend to apologise, but the man also accused her of doing something to provoke the attack.

"I just said: 'Get out! Get out!' I'm only a small girl, how on earth could I have provoked King?'"

Surgeons later told her all the bones in her face had been smashed to the left and she could now see a bulge in her nose that was not there before.

'Back on track'

Gordon Taylor said he believes King will be able to resume his football career once he has served his sentence.

He told BBC Radio Five's Sportsweek: "If he serves his time, is contrite and shows a willingness to get his life back on track then that [football] is his skill and that's the right of every individual.

"It's not going to be an easy situation to accept but I would hope with the passage of time, with the right approach from Marlon and the willingness to get his life back on track, then that's a situation that hopefully may resolve itself and he's still young enough to be able to do that."

Taylor added that the PFA is known for helping footballers get their lives back on track.

"Everybody in life can have big problems to face and this is probably his biggest and I hope he's able to overcome it and if he needs help to get his life back on track I assure you we'll be there for him," he said.

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