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Nursery abuser admits acts 'vile'

Vanessa George. Pic: Devon and Cornwall Police
Vanessa George was told by a judge to reveal her victims

A nursery worker who sexually abused children in her care admitted her crimes were "disgusting" and "vile", on police tapes obtained by the BBC.

Yet Vanessa George, 39, from Plymouth, ignored pleas to name her victims.

She claims Colin Blanchard, 39, from Rochdale, urged her to take indecent images after they met via Facebook and that she agreed to gain his attention.

They will be sentenced next month with Angela Allen, 39, from Nottingham, for 37 child sex abuse charges.

The three had never met in person before admitting the offences in court on 1 October but exchanged thousands of e-mail and text messages containing images of child abuse.

Inside Out South West, BBC One, Monday, 12 October at 1930BST
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George eventually admitted 13 charges, including sexual abuse of children and making and distributing indecent images of children.

However, she has refused to reveal the identities of those she abused at Little Ted's nursery in Plymouth, despite a judge telling her to make clear to parents which children were victims.

Tapes of George's police interview, released to the BBC's Inside Out South West programme as part of an investigation, reveal her claiming to have told Blanchard to "put a ring on my finger" in exchange for pictures.

George admits photographing her victims in the toilets, out of view of colleagues, and choosing younger children because they were easier targets.

"I knew it was wrong when I was doing it. It's vile," she tells officers, adding that she "wasn't doing it for enjoyment".

"I'm fuming with myself, really... it's absolutely disgusting," she says.

She initially claims she cannot remember whose photograph she took on her "fun phone".


Vanessa George is questioned by police. This report contains material which viewers may find disturbing

However, when pressed during later interviews, she refuses to co-operate, even when officers produce photographs of her abusing the children.

One pleads with her: "Help the families who are out there now, stressed, worried, concerned for their children....please help us and tell us who you took pictures of.

"Vanessa, please. For them….as a mother you'd want to know. Don't you care?"

However, George simply replies: "No comment".

Det Insp Costas Nassaris, who led the investigation into George's actions for Devon and Cornwall Police, told the BBC it was questionable how much she regretted her actions.

"She clearly knows that what she did was wrong and there was some of that expressed," he said.

However, the detective said she was "still trying to manipulate the situation to some degree" by trying to work out "what she could get away with and deny".

Colin Blanchard and Angela Allen
Blanchard and Allen had never met George before they arrived in court

Recordings of the early interviews reveal how George thought Blanchard, 39, was "nice looking" when they struck up their online relationship about six months before her arrest.

He asked her about her fantasies, she claims, adding: "I thought 'I've got a kinky one here', so I'll play along with it."

Blanchard eventually asked her to take photographs after she told him she worked in a nursery, George tells the officers.

"I've gone 'yeah, alright then'," she says, adding that she was joking when she asked him: "What would you do for me if I done that for you?"

George claims she then told Blanchard: "You'll have to put a ring on my finger to make me do things like that."

She told officers: "The more photos you take the more you get back, you know, in interest... it was attention back."

IT worker Blanchard was arrested on 6 June after one of his colleagues found obscene pictures on a work computer.

Examination of his laptop computer led to the arrests of George and Allen. It is unclear when the relationships developed.

Blanchard admitted 19 counts of sexual assault and distributing indecent images of children.

Allen, of Nottingham, admitted five counts of sexual assault and distributing indecent images of children.

Viewers in the South West of England can see the full report on Inside Out at 1930BST on BBC One on Monday, 12 October.

Anyone affected by this report, can call the BBC Action Line on 08000 566 424.

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