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Papers gripped by Murray thriller


British Wimbledon hope Andy Murray makes it on to the front - or back - of most papers after his five-set thriller that secured him a quarter final place.

Many carry a shot of the fired-up player, roaring in celebration.

The Guardian has the headline "Scot tested to the limit", while the Sun goes with "Andy raises the roof".

While Murray might be in the frame, neither the Times nor the Daily Telegraph can ignore the new roof - "a debut performance on centre court".

Policy 'mish-mash'

Many of the papers roundly dismiss the government's legislative programme, entitled Building Britain's Future, saying they have seen it all before.

The Independent calls it a re-re-re-launch of the prime minister. The Daily Express says it is bereft of any compelling ideas for Britain's future.

For the Financial Times, it is less a relaunch than a re-heating.

The Mail calls it a mish-mash of panic stricken U-turns, stolen Tory policies and measures already announced.

'Crumbling palaces'

The papers pore over the Queen's annual accounts and paint an alarming picture of the state of royal finances.

The Queen will run out of money in three years, the Telegraph says. Or, as the Express puts it, she'll be looking down her sofas for spare change.

The Mail says she has already been forced to raid her savings to pay for urgent repairs to crumbling palaces.

What is needed, says the Times, is a pay rise which would be the first Civil List increase for nearly 20 years.

Hunt the office

One of life's frustrations, the Financial Times points out, is the hours spent combing the office for a mobile phone charger to fit your phone.

But that will soon be over now leading manufacturers in the European Union have agreed on a universal charger.

According to the Mail, there are more than 30 types of charger in circulation and 51,000 lying unused.

The Times says consumers will welcome the new arrival, which emerged amid worries about unnecessary waste.

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