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Why I voted for the BNP

BNP leader Nick Griffin
BNP leader Nick Griffin will sit in the European Parliament

The BNP has won its first two seats in the European Parliament. BNP leader Nick Griffin was elected for the North West region while Andrew Brons picked up another BNP seat in Yorkshire and Humber.

Mr Griffin said the party gained votes from other parties because it "spoke openly about the problem of immigration."

The BNP polled fewer votes in the North West region than it had in 2004 - but the slump in Labour support meant its share of the vote increased.

BBC News website readers have been telling us why they decided to vote for the party.


I've never voted in the past, but I wanted to vote now.

I decided to vote for the BNP because I like what they are saying. They have an opinion and I want them to be heard.

I don't like the way the country has been run to date. I have seen British culture being eroded in the past few years, and British people being made to feel like second class citizens in their own country.

I must stress that I am not racist, but I do believe that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I have no problem with skilled immigrants who come here and add to our economy and more importantly fit in with our way of life.

I do have a problem with so called 'no go zones' for whites. Some of my family are from Luton, and they will all tell you of the racial tension there. It simply doesn't work when you have mass uncontrolled immigration with no regard for the views of the native British people.

The BNP want to deport all criminal and illegal immigrants. What on earth is wrong with that? Do we want other countries' criminals here?

The BNP's view on foreign affairs is also good. It means no more illegal and immoral wars. No more invading other countries for 'peace keeping' missions. We will trade with other countries when it benefits us. Isn't that what trade is supposed to be about?

I'm totally sick to death of our country being run by out of touch politicians

The BNP will raise speed limits on the motorway! Hooray! Why on earth is the limit 70 miles-per-hour? Cars of today are far more advanced than cars of 30-40 years ago. Yet the speed limit hasn't changed.

The BNP will also stop persecuting motorists. This will be a welcome move, as I'm sick to death of the government using speed cameras, roadside traps and parking tickets as a source of revenue. If the BNP were in power the police would actually be fighting crime rather than hassling innocent people.

People think the BNP is racist. Is it racist to want to look after your country? I certainly don't think so. And I'm totally sick to death of our country being run by out of touch politicians who have everyone else but the native British peoples interests at heart.


I voted BNP and have done in the past. The current political crisis didn't affect my decision, I voted BNP as I'm sick of mass immigration which no mainstream British party is interested in tackling.

if we have jobs available we should be training people who live in the UK to do those jobs

The fact that the BNP have won seats just goes to show the main parties that they are not tackling the issues that matter to people.

I believe immigrants do contribute to our economy, but if we have jobs available we should be training people who live in the UK to do those jobs. We shouldn't be inviting more people in. The country is already overpopulated, and there aren't enough homes for the people already here.

I have two children who go to state school, and education is another worrying topic. There are now 15 state schools in the UK where not one child speaks English as a first language. A fifth of state schools now have a white minority. Education will suffer if teachers are having to spend more time teaching children who don't speak English as a first language.

It can't be possibly be right that our government continues to force mass immigration on us. That is why I voted BNP.


I voted BNP for the first time in these elections as I wanted to use my vote as a protest against the mainstream parties. I have previously voted Conservative. It was a tactic to raise awareness about what is happening in this country.

Nick Griffin, BNP leader
Andy: 'It will refocus attention on the issues that matter'

I feel that the main parties are too busy these days trying to get the minority vote. To them gaining power seems more important than representing the views of the majority of people in this country.

The main parties no longer represent my views.

People are worried about immigration, they are worried about their jobs, and we aren't giving enough support to the workers in this country.

I don't agree with everything the BNP say. I think people should be free to marry who they chose regardless of race.

But you have to make tough decisions. The focus of politics in this country is out of balance with too much emphasis on minority views. I voted BNP to try and redress this balance.

I'm glad the BNP has won two seats, it will refocus attention on the issues that matter to the people of this country.


I voted for the BNP this year for the first time after viewing the various policies online of other parties. I absolutely did not do this out of any disrespect for other cultures or race, indeed several of my close friends are of ethnic minority backgrounds and I am very happy to say that they are my friends and enrich my life very much. The reasons I voted for them were because I agreed with their more 'old fashioned values' in certain respects (ie, a more hardline approach to policing and welfare handouts) and I think it is ridiculous that Europe dictates almost everything we do! I wanted to send a clear message to the mainstream parties that I am not happy with the 'soft' politics in place today.
Anon, Blackburn, Lancashire

I voted BNP and I'm very pleased that they have won two seats. Being in the Yorkshire and Humber, I am pleased that my vote has for once counted. Despite thoughts of many, especially media who are supposed to be impartial, I am not racist nor condone racism. I do however agree with 90% of the BNP's policies which I cannot say about the other parties. The country has become a laughing stock and an easy free ride for people who come into the country with nothing. The ordinary person is ignored and what's more I do not see why we cannot celebrate St Georges day incase we offend others. It's part of our country's heritage.
Jolene, West Yorkshire

I voted BNP for the first time and so did my family, immigration is a huge issue and so is the fact the UK is becoming PC mad. We feel it will take a party who is willing to speak out to actually do some thing rather than avoiding all the questions put to them like all the main stream parties.
Mark Smithys, Huddersfield

I voted for the BNP for the first time in the European elections. I read the party's policies, they are not racist, they simply want to look after people who are British first, and that includes all races who have a right to be here.

Our elderly citizens are not getting the care they deserve

People who work and contribute to our country and society (irrespective of colour or religion) are welcome and people who come here for our benefits system and the NHS who have never contributed to this country are not so welcome. Neither are bogus asylum seekers and criminals. We have enough of our own. I have every sympathy with people from countries where the system is not so generous, but we can't look after all of them in Britain. We're full up, and our elderly citizens are not getting the care they deserve. It's because we are so generous that everyone wants to come here, to the detriment of people who have lived here all their lives, paid their taxes and deserve to have their place in the queue.
Nick, Oxford

They are upfront and clear in wanting to change the terrible immigration laws that exist in the UK whilst all other parties hide away from the real issues. They are publically stating what the majority in this country knows to be true.
Jason Duncan, Aberdeenshire

I voted for the BNP, as I did not trust any of the main parties on the EU Issue. They all seem to ne too cosy to the EU and not standing up for the UK but give the EU anything they want. Maybe with the increase of the BNP vote the main parties will take on board what has been said and not put the voters to one side with the "we know what is best for you." They are there at our behest not for their own gain.
Andrew Smith, Plymouth, Devon

I'm no supporter of the BNP, but if the other parties are worried about the BNP praying on people's fears and turning them inwards, the option open to these parties is to deal pro-actively with immigration. It is a massive problem and the people are increasingly worried about the effects of immigration on many aspects of their lives, not least of all employment. And surely the BNP is no worse than any other party for praying on people's fears, the most powerful tool there is
Bruce, East Kilbride, Scotland

Surely Harriet Harman has entirely missed the point. Whilst I abhor the BNP's policies and their party in general, it wasn't fear that led to the BNP getting into Europe, it was clearly an easy choice for the voters given Labour's recent less than shoddy performance and headline-grabbing lack of trust in their ability to run a country. They've only themselves to blame.
Jonathan Edwards, Hove, UK

Liam Fox is absolutely right in his comment. The main parties have allowed this to happen through their contempt for the section of the electorate to whom the BNP appeal. Their concerns have been dismissed as 'fears' by the political classes and have not been listened to. The BNP claims to have listened and has reaped the electoral reward. (Besides, are not all political issues fears of some form? Fears of economic instability, fears of loss of personal freedoms etc)
Chris, Edinburgh

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