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Press revels in reshuffle drama


The drama surrounding Gordon Brown's efforts to hold on to his premiership once again dominates the front pages.

Headlines are bigger and pithier than the day before, as the Guardian describes a "bloodied" prime minister vowing: "I will not walk away".

In the Times, that translates to: "We fight on".

It recalls how in November 1990, Margaret Thatcher declared: "I fight on, I fight to win." Two days later, she had resigned.

'Extraordinary day'

The Independent speaks of an "extraordinary day" for Gordon Brown.

He lost six ministers, "frantically" reshuffled his cabinet, took a "pounding" in the local elections and stood accused of sexism, it says.

The Daily Telegraph calls outgoing Europe Minister Caroline Flint's accusation a "stiletto in the heart".

The Daily Mail says Ms Flint "flounced out" of the government, "spitting venom", when passed over for promotion.

'Big Bother'

Alluding to its favourite TV programme, the Daily Star sums up the prime minister's travails by declaring: "Brown In Big Bother".

Gordon Brown, it says, "last night felt the whole country was nominating him for eviction".

It is left to the traditionally supportive Daily Mirror to offer the PM some comfort.

The paper has him fighting on with a "dramatic" cabinet reshuffle and the headline: "Brownce Back".

Snow joke

If the English local election results have left a chilly atmosphere in Downing Street, people in the Highlands know how that feels.

We may be in June, but the Daily Express reports how visitors to the Cairngorms have been building snowmen on the slopes.

A week ago, Aviemore - like much of the UK - was bathed in sunshine, with temperatures of 26C (79F).

But the mercury "plunged to zero" as two inches of snow fell, it says.

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