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David Carradine: Your memories

David Carradine
Carradine was best known recently for starring in Kill Bill

Kill Bill and Kung Fu star David Carradine has been found dead in a Bangkok hotel room.

Thai police told the BBC the 72-year-old was found dead in his hotel room with a rope around his neck.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their memories of the actor.


I run a sci-fi/comic book convention in Dallas, Texas. We had David as a guest back when Kill Bill was coming out. I had some nice chats with him then, and would run into him from time to time at other signing appearances. He invited me once to see his band play in Atlanta, but I wasn't able to make the performance. Despite that he met up with me after their set, and was all smiles. He kept telling me he was going to send me a CD at some point. I always enjoyed talking to him. He seemed like a shy man, and I felt honoured that he was comfortable around me. After the concert that night, I was chatting with Michael Jai White (David's co-star in Kill Bill II in a deleted scene), and David walked up to me saying "Is this guy bothering you?" pointing to Michael, to which I replied "No, I think it's the other way around actually!" I heard a lot of stories from fans who met Dave, saying he was unpleasant to them. I can honestly say he was nothing but nice around me.
Mark Walters, Dallas, TX

How Sad! I remember him during the Kung Fu series and always wondered how he kept so cool in the provocation. His deliberate walking and talking style left an impression on me. Sad that he had to go this way. His zest for life in the series literally translated as his own discipline in real life I think.
Zahid Rajan, Nairobi, Kenya

I first saw David Carradine in the cult film Death Race 2000 alongside Sylvester Stallone. This was in the early 80s, the dawn of the video age, and Death Race was one of the videos available to hire. He starred in many films over the years and his loss will be felt by many film fans throughout the world.
Danbot, Southport

I'm so sorry for this news. I'd very much liked David for the series of Kung Fu. He was one of the most amazing actors in the world. Goodbye Mr Carradine, I imagine you are on the way to heaven with your original hat.
Suanna, Italy

Such a shock and such a shame. Met him a few times via my job and he was always friendly and liked to chat or at least ask where the bar was! Will be missed.
Jon Cole, London, England

Very sad news. I grew up on David Carradine movies. Very upsetting news.
Russell King, Chelmsford

I am very saddened to learn about Mr Carradine's death. I watched for many years and considered him a gentle nice person. His movies and series always taught something good. I hope this death will be thoroughly investigated. This does not go with the type of person he was.
Monsie Jurgensen, Tulsa, USA

What immediately comes to mind is a comment David Carradine made over his martial arts role in one of the movies in the late 80s, he said he considered himself more of a dancer and not a fighter. Somehow this comment has stuck in my mind and came back again on hearing of his tragic passing.
John, Lusaka/Zambia

First time I saw "Kung Fu" on TV I thought it was magical. David Carradine certainly excelled in his characterisation of Kwai Chang Caine, as a man searching for his own self in life. That role was a great accomplishment in his career, and something by which he will certainly be remembered. May he rest in peace.
Iran, London, UK

I worked with David during his time on the American TV series Kung Fu. I was his partner and we would work on his martial art training. He was always a kind and generous man and remained good friends for many years. When I moved from the states to the West Hill Road area of London, he frequently visited and we had great times. What a guy, he will be missed!!!
Kolin Edwood Barnz, Wandsworth, London

I always used to watch Kung Fu the Legend of Caine, its very sad he was a great actor. He will be missed!
Lani, Bridgetown Barbados

He is a brilliant showpiece of martial arts. Great loss for the world, I really enjoyed his films. Outstanding performances.
Aruna, Colombo

It was shocking to hear that David died under such circumstances with no obvious reason. His acting ability was second to none and his life and abilities truly inspirational.
George Olaifa, London

Sad loss, he really was a screen legend. Kill Bill really showed this. Dark day for Hollywood.
John Harris, Somerset, England

David Carradine should also be remembered for his convincing portrayal of a blind Kung-Fu master, Zitan, in a film for which Bruce Lee wrote the script, released under the titles, "The Silent Flute," and "Circle of Iron". Interestingly chapters 16-18 of the film include a version of a narrative that appears in the Qur'an. I appreciate David Carradine's inspiration for Tai Chi Chuan practicitioners.
Talat Halman, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA

I met David at an Oscar party at the Beverely Hills Hotel in 2007. He was very friendly and happy to pose for what seemed like a million pictures. He was very down to earth unlike others at the party. He will be greatly missed, RIP.
Louisa Caulfield, Newcastle, UK

I met him once and he was one of the nicest people!
Oscar Sonyl, London

Met him at a Science Fiction exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. Really nice person very quiet but friendly.
Mike Chandler, Rugby

I'm so sorry. I used to watch Kung Fu whenever appearing on TV. I'll miss him.
Maurizio , Milan

Whilst I was never lucky enough to meet David, I will always fondly remember him in Kung Fu, a lovely TV series that had a real moral lesson to it. I introduced it to my children, which they love too. He will be sadly missed.
Will Henry, London

I am shocked and saddened by David Carradine's death. Regardless of what role he played, his voice was always very soothing and calm, as though he knew the secret of life and shared that knowledge by example through the way he lived. He will be long remembered.
Beverly Smith, Frederick, Maryland, USA

I am really sad about his death. I loved Carradine for Kung Fu. It was one of my favourites when I was young. All my condolences to his friends and his family. Rest in Peace.
Eiryan, Munich, Germany

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