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Fears over talent star's future


MPs are not the only ones who cannot keep off the front pages.

The latest events in the life of the talent show phenomenon Susan Boyle are vying for column space.

The Sun and Daily Mirror suggest she could be dropped from Saturday's final of ITV's Britain's Got Talent because of fears over her health.

However, the Daily Star says she has already told the show she is going. Its headline quotes Boyle as saying: "I've had enough, I quit".

Expenses fallout

Fallout from the MPs' expenses scandal continues to dominate many front pages.

According to the Daily Express, experts are predicting that as many as 200 MPs may step down or lose their seats.

The Independent highlights the pay-offs which will be shared by the 12 MPs who have so far announced they will not stand at the next election.

According to the Daily Mail, they will pocket a total of £1.2m of taxpayers' money because they refuse to go straight away.

Confidence crisis

"Labour MPs seek a lifeboat" is the Guardian's headline.

The paper talks of Gordon Brown facing "an escalating crisis of confidence inside the Parliamentary Labour Party".

It says 52 MPs have formally approached Downing Street to ask to sit in the House of Lords after the next general election - a record number.

It is the clearest indication yet that increasing numbers of Labour figures believe the party is heading for a heavy defeat, says the paper.

Animal magic

It's a good news day for beavers, which are being reintroduced to the wilds of Argyll two centuries after being driven into extinction in the UK.

The Guardian says admirers liken them to "tubby spaniels", while critics see them as "destructive nocturnal rats".

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail tells of how one "conservationist" has culled 22,622 grey squirrels in two years.

Paul Parker has eradicated them from many parts of Northumberland, allowing red squirrels to return.

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