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Nuclear tests provoke press anger


The UK press is united in horror at the underground nuclear tests carried out by North Korea.

It was, for the Times, "a blast that shook the world", while the Independent declares it a "nasty surprise".

"Recklessly provocative", the Daily Telegraph remarks. The Daily Express says "it gave the world the jitters".

The Guardian speculates the test may have been intended as a wake-up call for US president Barack Obama as he gets to grips with diplomatic affairs.

'Gravy train'

Once again the Telegraph focuses on MPs' expenses, its lead story appearing under the headline "The MP, her husband and the ministers' tax returns".

The Sun, meanwhile, leads with a demand to end what it calls the Brussels "gravy train".

It says the system lets "grasping" MEPs claim "fortunes" from taxpayers.

The paper claims the perks are so generous that MEPs often qualify as millionaires after one five-year term in "this cesspit of corruption".

'Ineffective' remedies

The Daily Mail has the results of a survey of the effectiveness of treatments to cure snoring.

Many are a "waste of time", and could keep you awake rather than providing a quiet night's sleep, it reports.

Consumer watchdog Which? concluded that nearly three-quarters of people found over-the-counter remedies failed.

A Which? spokesman tells the paper snoring could be caused by sleeping position, excess weight or having a misshapen nose.

Bad habits

The papers enjoy the tale of 17 British men arrested on the Greek island of Crete for wearing nuns' habits during a riotous night out.

Photographs show them arriving in court in their fancy dress after spending a night in the cells feature in many of the tabloids.

They were released without charge but the Mirror says police were "nun too pleased" with their behaviour.

The Sun advises them: "Don't make a habit of it".

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