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Star Trek or Star Wars?

Kirk, Bones and Spock
The originals: Kirk, 'Bones' and Mr Spock

The latest Star Trek film has rocketed to the top of the box office charts. But is Star Trek better than Star Wars?

It's an age-old question that has divided sci-fi fans from the beginning.

Are you a fan of the Ewoks or are Klingons more what you're looking for in space aliens?

Could Han Solo beat Captain James T Kirk in a battle of nerves? And when it comes to the bad guys, how would the Borg do against Darth Vader and the Empire?


Like the good Jedi I am, I champion Star Wars.

My name is Luke (not Skywalker) and I was born in 1977, the year of the original film that sent the world crazy for Jedis, rebels, Ewoks and Yoda; who talks funny but can jump about like he's on Red Bull.

Star Wars troopers
Star Wars troopers
Trekkies pale in comparison, they're a crew of weirdos on a ship. Do they ever get off it?

Who cares. Star Trek has Borgs but we have Jabba the Hut, a gigantic erm, whatever he is!

They have little ray-guns, we have lightsabers that make cool swishy sounds.

To top it all off, Star Wars has the baddest baddie in the history of baddies - Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith. And no, he's not my father!


I think Star Trek provides a more entertaining and hopeful version of the future.

Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock
Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock
The character development over more than 40 years provides a meaningful exploration of humanity and how we interact with those who are different to us.

Besides, there aren't very many sexy characters in Star Wars, not to the same degree that Spock and Kirk are sexy!

Star Trek is a long lasting set of ideas that are able to be explored in different settings.


I love both Star Trek and Star Wars but I have to go with Trek; not on stories, characters, special effects or futuristic technologies but because it offers a more hopeful vision for humanity. The Jedi Knights are cool but the fact that beings with super powers are needed to keep the peace does not speak well for the stability of the Republic, old or new.


Star Wars was genius! It was made over 30 years ago and still does not look dated. Compare that to the trekkies polyester shirts!

Star Wars had the mystical force. The technology just was so you accepted it. Star Trek attempts to explain every gadget on the Enterprise with some meaningless technobabble.

As for Trek providing a more positive view of the future, it is just a load of hippy dreams. All evidence points to us still having a power struggle and blasting each other in the future!


Star Wars. Here's why - it's based on the ever relevant theme of good overcoming all obstacles in the defeat of evil.... Trek shows man's Imperialist nature and desire to wipe out all whom oppose it! Too realistic for me! And for the Trekkers who say 'it shows a more hopeful future' Star Wars is set in the past!

It has to be the trek! I enjoyed both as a kid, but the newer Star Wars films weren't as enjoyable as the original 3. Star Trek has a couple more movies, decades of episodes and I enjoyed all of them!

Have to place a vote for Star Trek, I am constantly being reminded how prophetic the gadgets are in the series, data sticks, mobile comms, those Kindle type things the characters read their reports from. I am sure I am sure R&D departments see equipment on USS Enterprise and figure out how to make it work. Star Wars, well that is in a work of fiction in a universe "Far far away".

While there is room to like both (because they are so different), I definitely favour Star Wars. It is a heroic tale of good versus evil and speaks to how we are all greater than the sum of our parts: "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." One cannot help but feel that there is a higher purpose and a plan for all of us. That's a very positive thought. I'm also a sucker for swashbucklers - any movie with a sword (or lightsaber) and I'm in.

Star Trek of course. Star Wars was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but you see them and they end. Star Trek, however, is on-going, and I'm not just talking about the different series. It is the one with the most hope, most adventure, most possibilities! Emphasis on the possibilities. Look at the real inventions we have that were inspired by Star Trek! I have been watching Star Trek since I was 12, and I am 55 years old now! And yes I have a life...happily married for 35 years, wife, mother and student. Live long and prosper everyone!


Well in total fairness the similarities between Star Wars and Star Trek are rather small. They're both set in space yes, but from what I've noticed Star Wars is a rather quintessential fairy tale with a Sci-Fi twist. Star Trek is genuine science fiction. That's why I believe you cannot claim one to be better then another as they're two totally different things.

Mat Richardson, Lowestoft, England.

I like BOTH....they open up the public's minds to the possibilities of a better tomorrow. We all need a vision to work towards

Craig, Houston, Texas

Just because I think Star Trek is more accessible to everyday people doesn't mean I'm not a fan of Star Wars! I'm a huge fan of both, though I have always believed more in the possibilities of Star Trek.

Star Wars is epic in its own right; it's based loosely on the Lord of the Rings, it has the baddest bad-guy ever, and yes, sure, they have light-sabres….

The Star Trek series propels us completely into the future, though we're never completely unhitched from the "past" (which is often our present). The series always had characters referencing television and pop culture events from the current era.

But Star Wars gave us Harrison Ford, while Star Trek gave us William Shatner. Then there's the Vulcan salute versus "May the force be with you". But as a fan of both, I have to contend that the two are not in competition; they're opposite sides of the same coin!

Khara H., Harrisburg, USA

Star Wars stormtrooper

Users of Twitter have also been having their say about which series is better.


leftwrite08 tweets:

Star Trek is accessible to everyday people. We've sent men to the moon; why not Star Fleet? Not just anyone can be a Jedi.


darkpaw tweets:

Star Trek's much better. Star Wars has a great plot, but it's a closed system. The new Star Trek film proves it's alive and well.


ike tweets:

Star Trek is good because of its positive view of the future of humanity and its progressive and diplomatic attitude.


chalkers tweets:

Star Trek is about the future of humanity & is optimistic. Star Wars is in the past, is removed from us & what we can be.

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