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Swine flu: Your stories

Dan, a producer at the BBC, returned from a holiday in Mexico on Sunday with a cold. As his symptoms became worse and he decided to seek medical advice. He quickly found himself in hospital and in an isolation ward being tested for swine flu. Since then he has been giving us updates on his condition.


Swine flu virus
I left hospital on Tuesday afternoon and although I am still very bunged up, I feel much better. Last night I slept for 13 hours and I feel very rested.

I have a page of results from the clinical tests and they are all negative. I am still awaiting the results of two final swab tests. They have to come back from the Centre for Infections in Colindale, north London. Apparently the people there have been inundated with requests but I hope to get those results later today.

For the first time the staff were not wearing masks
It was a relief to leave hospital. The staff came to say goodbye and for the first time they were not wearing masks. It was real pleasure to actually see their smiling faces rather than their concerned expressions.

I have now got to wait seven days before I can go back to work which will be frustrating, but is probably for the best. At least it will give me time to get over my man flu!


deserted beach in Cancun
I went on holiday to Tulum in Mexico with my wife. We hadn't seen any sick people in our resort. In fact, the first time I learnt about it was when a colleague from work texted me to say "Hope you are having a great holiday- don't come back with swine flu!" It was only then that I checked the web and found out what had been happening.

The people in Tulum seemed fairly relaxed about everything. I spoke to some hoteliers who thought the problem seemed to be relatively contained in Mexico City although they were worried about the potential effect on tourism, particularly from the USA.

When we arrived at the airport we saw people wearing face masks. In fact groups of American tourists were standing around taking photos of each other in their masks.

There was a sense of unease whenever anyone sneezed or coughed
The flight back takes around ten hours and during this time there was a heightened sense of unease whenever anyone sneezed or coughed. When we landed a doctor came onto plane and asked anyone to come forward if they felt unwell or had fluey symptoms. Towards the end of my holiday I had caught cold. As it was just a cold I didn't go forward and in fact only one person on the plane did.

When we left the plane we were stopped by journalists who were asking us whether we had been ill. There was a sense of paranoia and a real appetite for any evidence of a further spread of the disease.

When I got home I started to feel worse. I began to get concerned because I take medication for arthritis and have a weaker immune system. I called NHS Direct and explained my circumstances to them. Eventually I spoke to a doctor who said it's unlikely you have swine flu but let's be careful and send you to hospital to get checked, just in case.

I was moved into a private room to await the results
I went into A&E and as soon as I arrived I was taken into a room where a nurse with a face mask took my temperature and blood pressure. I then went to a separate area of A&E to see a gastro-enterologist. I had a series of blood tests, they took some throat swabs and gave me a chest x-ray. This was connected to my arthritis drugs which can leave me susceptible to pneumonia. I was then moved into a private room to await the results.

I'm still in hospital now. I have had some more examinations. I saw a microbiologist today and I am just waiting for the results of one swab to come back. The doctors are now 95% sure I don't have swine flu but I am just waiting on the final result for the all clear. I have always believed I just had a bad cold.

I haven't had any visitors apart from my wife who was also on holiday with me. She's fine but she has been told not to come into work until we have all the results.

It's been a very slick operation from the outset
I have been impressed by the level of care I have received. It's been a very slick operation from the outset, and I have had constant attention. Everyone has been taking precautions, using masks and gloves and there has been a real sense of diligence in dealing with a potentially contagious disease.

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