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'We saw the sky from a little park'

Door being locked at Yarl's Wood
I was thinking, 'why would I deserve this?'

Children of failed asylum seekers should no longer be detained at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, which is like a "prison", children's commissioner for England Sir Al Aynsley-Green says.

One 15 year old girl, whose family came to the UK from Turkey, told BBC Radio Four's Today programme about the three months she was held there.

In 2007 - August the 27th - the immigration [service] came to our house. One of my best friends was sleeping in my house, and they took her away without me even saying bye to her.

They put us in a van, and they took us to Yarl's Wood.

It was like a prison. The windows only opened four inches, and to get to the main ward there was 20 doors locked on you.

I got in a depression a lot when I was in there

And there was just a little park, you could only see the sky because there was really big walls around it.

[I was in there for] three months. I got in a depression a lot when I was in there.

I was thinking 'why would I deserve this when every other child is outside there doing something different every day, and I do the same thing every day?'.

[I would say to people] it's not a good place, it's like a prison. It depresses you more than a prison, that's for sure.

And there's all kinds of children in there. I don't think they would want their children to be in there.

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