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Swine flu fears dominate papers


The outbreak of swine flu is the lead in most of the papers - and there are some grave predictions about what could turn into a global pandemic.

The leading flu expert at the Health Protection Agency tells the Independent that between 15% and 50% of the UK population might catch the illness.

The Daily Express says that the global death toll could reach 120 million.

The Daily Mail poses the question that everyone in the UK wants answering: "Is swine flu already here?"

Spending cuts

David Cameron's speech warning of a new era of thrift is widely discussed.

The Financial Times says the Tory leader used the Conservative Spring Forum to soften up public opinion for a painful round of spending cuts.

The Guardian believes the spending cuts imposed by a future Tory government would be "swingeing".

The Times, meanwhile, says it has learned that two big defence procurement projects could be cancelled by the Tories to save £3bn.

Rush for jobs

White collar employees are losing their jobs at a faster rate than less-skilled workers, claims the Financial Times.

It says the number of people claiming benefits who previously held skilled middle class jobs has soared by 120% over the past year.

The Daily Mail says that when a job does become available there is an almighty rush.

The Daily Telegraph says unemployed graduates are to be allowed to take internships without losing benefits.

Iconic sweet lost

According to the Independent, fans of sherbet fountains are upset that the iconic cardboard tube - with protruding liquorice straw - is to be scrapped.

The makers are replacing it with a re-sealable plastic tube, which they say will be more hygienic.

The paper laments the change will mean children no longer having fond memories of wrestling with soggy cardboard.

It claims fans and nostalgics are mourning the loss of yet another rebranded iconic sweet.

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