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Papers cover Smith's embarrassment


By all accounts Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was very cross with her husband for watching porn films at home then putting them on her Commons expenses.

On a scale of one to 10 her anger was at 55, according to the Daily Mirror .

The Daily Express says Ms Smith has been shamed and humiliated - and faces growing calls to resign.

Michael Brown in the Independent describes her as "wounded and crippled" and "on political death row" - and predicts her electoral defeat.

Summit views

The Guardian is among several papers to report the concerted efforts to lower expectations ahead of this week's G20 summit on the global economic crisis.

But Anatole Kaletsky, writing in the Times , says the London summit appears to be assured of success.

This is because agreement has already been reached on the main areas of concern, he says.

In an interview with the Financial Times , US President Barack Obama calls for unity at the meeting.

Retail therapy

The Independent reports that four million former servicemen and women are to get identity cards for priority health treatment and help with housing.

The paper says the cards are a response to mounting anger that promises made by ministers 18 months ago have so far failed to materialise.

The Daily Mail says women who overspend at the shops can employ a new excuse.

Psychologists found that pre-menstrual tension made them more likely to spend as a way of releasing pent up emotions.

New sister

Many papers have photographs of Madonna in Malawi where she is in the process of adopting a second child, a four-year-old girl called Mercy.

The Daily Mirror says Madonna's Raising Malawi charity provides food and schooling for 4,000 children, and she brushed away criticism of the adoption.

The Sun has a picture of Madonna and her eldest daughter, Lourdes, on their way to meet Mercy.

The paper carries the headline "meet your new sister".

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