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G20 protesters: What they want

Campaign groups planning protests ahead of the G20 summit explain why they are demonstrating and what they are demanding from world leaders.


ActionAid: "The G20 leaders meeting in London have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new, fairer system that puts people first. One place to start is by reforming tax havens.

"We urge the G20 to lift the veil of secrecy that makes it easy for companies to avoid tax. This would allow developing countries to claim the money that they are owed, so they can use it to build hospitals, dig wells and employ teachers."

Democratic governance of the global economy
Decent jobs and public services for all
An end to global poverty and inequality
Establishment of a green economy

TUC: "We need a fresh start from Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and the other world leaders coming to London for the G20 summit.

"They need to admit the mistakes of the past, but more importantly build a different future that fights recession by making the world a fairer and a greener place."

Save the Children: "The G20 summit must do more than bail out the banking system; it needs to be as concerned with protecting the poorest from the harmful consequences of an economic and financial crisis that was not of their making.

"First, a global economic stimulus package must offer something very tangible to the world's poorest countries, especially additional resources to manage the effects of economic crisis. Second, proposed reforms to global economic governance must include a bigger voice for the world's poorest countries. Third, there needs to be new focus on helping the very poorest communities."

Stop Climate Chaos Coalition: "World leaders must seize the opportunity to tackle climate change and the economic downturn together.

"Only by investing in green jobs and thriving low carbon economies will a sustainable way of life be secured for generations to come."

Plan: "While people are feeling the pinch here in the UK, it's the poorest of the poor in the developing world who face the worst hardships, and even death.

"Children and young people make up half the population in the developing world and yet their voices are rarely heard. We believe it is vital that the world leaders at this year's G20 conference in London listen to what young people have to say."

Salvation Army: "The church service and the march through London are a perfect opportunity to ask members of the G20 to consider the wellbeing of the world's most vulnerable people.

"The Salvation Army is an international movement, part of the universal Christian church, committed to meet human need and work for social justice without discrimination. It is a privilege to join with the voices of many others to call for action on poverty and climate change."

WWF: "We believe that the response to the economic crisis from the G20 leaders needs to take us forward, to a new kind of economic system, and that a return to 'business as usual' is simply not an option.

"Measures to reform the global economy to achieve economic security will only succeed if they have environmental sustainability and equity at their heart."


CND: "We want to send a clear message to the G20 leaders about war and peace. They won't be able to deal with the economic crisis properly without dealing with the fundamental causes of instability between nations - for instance distrust between the US and Russia over Nato expansion and the missile defence system preventing cooperation in other areas.

"We specifically want to welcome [President] Obama and say that the agenda of peace not war, of working towards a nuclear-free world and of creating jobs not bombs is an agenda popular with the majority of the world."

Stop the War Coalition: "This is our first chance to demand a change from Bush's war policies.

"Our message will be 'Yes We Can'... end the siege of Gaza and free Palestine, get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make jobs not bombs, abolish nukes and stop arming Israel."

British Muslim Initiative: "While the world looks with horror at the hundreds of billions of pounds being thrown at shoddy financial establishments to bail them out and to cover for huge executive bonuses, very little mention is made of the hundreds of billions that continue to be pumped into the global war machine that claims thousands of lives every day.

"Unless occupation in all its forms is seen as a repugnant manifestation of human greed and desire to over-power... and unless we see to it that poverty, disease, illiteracy and social injustice are properly and responsibly addressed, we will never be able to resolve the crisis that engulfs the world through the failure of its major financial policies and institutions."


"We are targeting the most serious near-term attempt by world leaders to put economic ideology ahead of physical reality, the use of complex carbon markets to try and solve climate change.

"Moreover, this year will see a new global agreement to limit emissions which, without major controversy, will be an EU-style markets-based disaster. If anyone thinks that a tweaked Kyoto-style market-based agreement will avoid catastrophic climate change, they need to think again.

"Setting society on a new course will require a global-scale social movement to fundamentally change dominant economic ideas and implement solutions that both work and are socially just. 1 April will be another important step on that road."


"We call for the G20 ministers to own up to their mistakes and admit that their global dominance - the dominance of finance capitalism - is the problem, not the solution to the current economic, ecological and political meltdown.

Oust bankers from power
Get rid of corrupt politicians
Guarantee of job, home, future for everyone
Become patriots of the planet, not countries
Stop climate chaos
Make capitalism history

"While two million are now out of work in Britain alone, the G20 ministers still resist nationalising the banks, instead continuing to pour trillions into the black hole of bankers' bad gambling debts.

"Those ministers should now make way for government by the people, for the people, of the people, across the planet.

"Let's be patriots for the only country we have got: Planet Earth. Only then can we adequately respond to the message of the climate scientists about the clear and present danger to our biosphere, investing in life for our grandchildren, not in death and oil wars."

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