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The worst 'good luck' card ever?

Manchester Airport
The man arrived claiming he was planning a short stay in the UK

A Mexican illegal immigrant was stopped as he entered Britain when a search of his luggage uncovered a good luck card for his "new life in the UK".

The man, arriving at Manchester Airport from Los Angeles, claimed he was on a brief visit to a friend who was opening a restaurant in England's North West.

But he admitted planning to work illegally after border officers found the card and pages of Mexican recipes.

The 40-year-old chef was removed on Friday, a day after landing in the UK.

After questioning, he had admitted a plan to bring his family out from the US to join him if he settled well in Britain.

"We will not tolerate people coming here to work illegally," said a UK Border Agency spokesman.

"People wanting to visit the UK must play by the rules. Those who do not are sent back."

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