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Mapping UK's teen murder toll

We welcome your feedback on this database, please get in touch with us here if you have comments or questions which are not answered below.

Where do you get the information from?

Almost all the information in this database started life as a police report, subsequently picked up by the media. Generally, a post mortem examination will have taken place to establish the cause of death.

Which deaths are covered?

Deaths which are initially recorded by the police as homicide, using the same definition as the Home Office.

The Home Office definition of homicide covers murder, manslaughter (culpable homicide in Scotland) and infanticide. It does not cover death by dangerous or reckless driving.

Generally a homicide case will initially be investigated as murder. However a suspect may end up being charged with, or convicted of, the lesser charge of manslaughter. These cases are still classified as homicide, as are those which are investigated as manslaughter from the outset.

If a suspect is acquitted of murder and manslaughter and the police are no longer investigating the case then the death is no longer classified as a homicide and will be removed from our database.

This is also the case if police or prosecutors decide that the death no longer requires investigating as a homicide because it was the result of an accident, suicide or natural causes.

Doesn't the government publish this data?

Yes and no. All the deaths here are included in government data but in broader age groups - 5-15 and 16-30 and not broken down to the same degree that we have done.

The official homicide statistics do not come out until the January after the financial year in which they were collected so Apr 07 - Mar 08 information was only made available in January 2009.

I think you've missed one

Please let us know here and we'll look into it.

Why are 10, 11 and 12 year olds included?

Although 10, 11 and 12 year olds are not teenagers, we felt it made sense to include them in this database. Homicides of children of those ages are very rare but as the 2007 case of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool showed, they do happen.

Why have you included a road traffic incident?

Deaths caused by dangerous or careless driving do not come under the official definition of homicide. However, if police choose to investigate a collision or a suspected hit and run as murder/manslaughter then it becomes a homicide case.

Why aren't details given of perpetrators?

Many of the cases are still on-going so for legal reasons it would not be appropriate to give information about suspects. However, when a case has ended in a conviction this is noted in the text and a link to the news story is provided.

Why aren't previous years covered?

As explained above, this data is not collected officially in calendar years so even a basic comparison of total numbers of victims would be difficult.

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