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Papers mark the passing of Pinter


Tributes to playwright Harold Pinter feature in most of the papers.

The Independent marks the passing of the "master of the telling moment" on its front page.

For the Times, Harold Pinter plundered from kitchen-sink realism, naturalism, expressionism and detective drama to make something unmistakeably his own.

Meanwhile, the Mail calls Pinter the original Mister Angry, quoting him as saying: "Drama is about conflict and degrees of perturbation, disarray."


Barack Obama is pictured in a number of papers scattering the ashes of his grandmother by the sea in Hawaii.

The President-elect is barefoot, with a garland of leaves around his neck. Madelyn Dunham died just before he won the race for the White House.

The Times names Mr Obama as its Person of the Year, saying his election caps a period of incredible change in the US.

His political qualities, soaring oratory and charisma mark him out as a being in the John F Kennedy mould, it says.


The Independent reminds its readers it is the biggest day of the hunting calendar, with a 250,000 people riding out to the blast of a horn.

Meanwhile, on the High Street - the Mail declares - it will be Bunfight on Boxing Day, as stores try desperately to increase end-of-year sales figures.

Prices will be slashed up to 90% in an attempt to entice families, it says.

The Star expects "a festive spending frenzy", while the Mirror predicts shoppers will spend 1m per minute.


The Telegraph reports that the "sales frenzy" began on Christmas Day, with more than five million people shopping online.

According to the Mail, the peak shopping time was in the early hours, after sales began.

The Express says holidaymakers can choose from a flurry of discounts, two-for-one offers and free deals for children, from tour operators.

Finally, the Telegraph says ungrateful family members have already started selling unwanted gifts on eBay in a bid to cash in on 455m "untapped income".

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