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Should Bank of Scotland remain as a brand?

Bank of Scotland
Lloyds TSB have said Bank of Scotland is an iconic brand
Lloyds TSB intends to keep the Bank of Scotland brand if its planned takeover of HBOS goes through in January, it has been announced.

The combined group would use the name Bank of Scotland for its retail and corporate business in Scotland.

You have been telling us whether you think keeping the Bank of Scotland brand is important.


The Bank of Scotland is iconic. I am pleased that it is to remain as my bank's name and hopefully it will continue to issue notes as well, maintaining that long fought for tradition here in Scotland. Hopefully the new management will also return it to be a traditional bank rather than the HBOS 'we will do anything to get your money' philosophy, so we can see integrity returning to what was once a proud bank.
Jim Gardner, Carnoustie, Scotland

I think that people can get attached to brand names in finance as in other fields, but the effect seems rather slight except for brands with a local or regional identification. Few seem to have worried when the Midland Bank disappeared into HSBC. People in the north-east did worry about the possible demise of Northern Rock, but the name doesn't have the same resonance in Gloucestershire. I think the retention of the "Bank of Scotland" name in Scotland is a sound move, especially if the bank continues to print currency notes for use in Scotland.
Jeremy Marshall, Cheltenham, England

Scotland has its own Parliament yet Scottish institutions are disappearing. Lloyds TSB MUST keep the name Bank Of Scotland as its logo in Scotland.
Maureen, Inverness

Both banks have needed and applied for bail-out money, Lloyds therefore cannot be that much better off than HBOS, why is the merger going ahead. Also why does the HBOS not just sell off the insolvent part of the business... Halifax. Then the BOS could continue as normal. They never should have bought the Halifax, that was the mistake which caused these problems.
Graeme, Edinburgh

This is good news. The English do not seem to realise the importance of keeping the name alive. Its like changing the name of Bank of England (not a clearing bank and should be renamed Bank of UK anyway) to Bank of France or some other country.
Douglas Blaney, Glasgow East End

The name makes no difference to me; but the first time I get a letter with any name on it other than Bank of Scotland I will close my account immediately. I am a Bank of Scotland customer. And if I receive mail from Lloyds in the future, I will know that they got my address from one source and one source only.
Peter Macleod, Edinburgh, Scotland

While I am glad the Bank of Scotland brand is being saved - probably so they can still print banknotes - I am sad that TSB Scotland, my bank of 40 odd years is to be phased out. Time for a change of bank, methinks!
Scot, Medway

Although I'm all for the takeover due to HBOS' failure to run a business for its shareholders I am against English firms taking the opportunity to wipe out Scottish history on every occasion that they can. Keep the Bank of Scotland name but drop the HBOS brand - that takeover was the start of the decline of a good business.
Brian Campbell, Falkirk

Prudential said exactly the same thing on their acquisition of Scottish Amicable. Their promise lasted a couple of years and then they decided to phase out the Scottish Amicable brand, which had been running for 175 years. Prudential hasn't been on the go nearly as long. It will be interesting to see if the merger goes ahead and, if so, if Lloyds TSB do in fact stick to their promise!
Jack MacKenzie, Stirling

Scrap all the brands and just stick to one - The Bank of Britain.
Steven , Newcastle

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